Starts at Home Day 2021!

Posted: 02/09/2021

We all know how important it is to feel safe and comfortable in your home. For those who are no longer able to live in their own homes, supported housing and extra care schemes provide just that.

Over the past year, the pandemic has shown how valuable care and support services are and that’s why we are supporting Starts at Home Day 2021. Supported housing and extra care can help people maintain their independence whilst feeling secure. It can transform lives.

In 2020-21, 150 doorstep and balcony social activities took place supporting 344 tenants in supported and extra care schemes through lockdown and reducing their isolation.

Here’s just a few ways that the Supported Housing and Extra Care teams at ForHousing have helped make a difference to so many lives.

Socialising at Pennington Close

During lockdown when we all struggled without seeing friends, family and colleagues in person, tenants in Pennington Close took the opportunity to get to know and support each other.

Situated in Little Hulton, outside 32 homely bungalows are a group of tenants sitting outside, talking and laughing together. Anne Marie moved into her bungalow in July 2020 and had already made firm friends with other tenants saying “the neighbours are fabulous, I’ve gone from no social life to a great social circle. I’m much happier”.

Keeping in touch, miles apart

With ever changing travel rules and restrictions, travelling to see relatives in other countries has been almost impossible throughout the past year. Cynthia, a tenant at Bourke Gardens, found it tough as she hadn’t seen her daughter Suzanne in over a year.

Although they regularly spoke on the phone, Cynthia and Suzanne were able to properly keep in touch in December 2020 when we launched virtual visiting rooms giving tenants and their families the chance to see each other face to face via Zoom.

Both Cynthia and Suzanne were overjoyed and it also meant Cynthia could meet her great-grandchild for the first time on the call too. Being able to keep in touch virtually has helped Suzanne feel reassured that her Mum is good hands and they can continue to see each other face to face.

Aloha, it’s party time!

Throughout lockdown, our teams found many fun and unique ways to keep tenants throughout all schemes entertained. From Doorstep Bingo to Balcony Sing-A-Longs – there was plenty of fun to be had.

Just last month the team at Jackson Gardens hosted a Hawaiian themed garden party for all tenants. Activities like this can have a massive impact on tenants physical health and wellbeing.

To find out more about the Supported Housing and Extra Care schemes in your local area, click here.

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