Get to know us

Who we are

We’re a progressive landlord that owns and manages more than 24,000 homes across the North West. We also deliver housing management services for other landlords. By investing in homes, places, and communities we can help to fuel people’s potential and improve lives.

We believe that lives don’t improve by chance, they improve by change. That’s why everything we do is with and for the good of tenants. And why we work together, collaboratively, with care to have a lasting impact on communities.

We are part of the ForViva Group. Alongside Liberty and ForLiving, we work together to Improve Lives. ForViva is a force for good, providing the group with structure, size and stature.

Liberty provides smart and altogether better property services across gas, repairs, maintenance, and construction.

ForLiving offers high-quality homes for sale, shared ownership, and private rent. By investing profit back into ForHousing, ForLiving strives to make a real difference and be a force for good.

What we do

We are committed to enabling possibilities that really make a difference to individuals, families, and communities.

Across ForHousing, a number of teams work together to deliver real change. We also offer commercial services to other housing providers so that we can work together to improve lives.

To find out more information about each area we work in, click the tiles below.

How we work

At ForHousing, we are guided by a vision, a purpose, a mission, and values.

Our Purpose is Improved Lives. Everything we do is person-centred. By offering stable homes, safe communities, and continuous learning opportunities, we invest in projects that give people a better quality of life.

Our Vision is making more things possible for more people. We believe that by working together, we can help fuel potential and give more opportunities to the people who live in the homes and communities we serve. We work in partnership with a number of like-minded organisations to make this a possibility. Find out more about our partnership working. 

Our Mission is quality homes and places. We know how important home is. We all need somewhere safe and comfortable to thrive. From investing in new build developments to transforming derelict sites into places to call home for those at risk of homelessness, providing high quality homes and places is a vital part of the work we do.

Our Values are Passion, Openness, Respect and Trust. From the boardroom to the community centre, these values shine through.

Wellbeing Strategy

We are also guided by our Wellbeing Strategy which was launched back in 2020. We invest in projects and activities that reduce poverty, increase physical and mental health, and encourage a tight-knit community that actively contribute towards making their neighbourhood a great place to live.