We’re passionate about helping to improve the lives of anyone who’s homeless or may be at risk of becoming homeless.

If this is you, then it’s important you know that with our support, you have options available. Our priority is to support you into safe, secure housing and provide opportunities to build a more positive future for yourself.

A safe and secure home is the building block to a better life so we can signpost you to available support, help you find temporary or permanent accommodation, and ensure you can keep a home for the future.

What do I do if I have nowhere to live in Salford? 

If you are homeless today, go to Salford Housing Options Point and ask for housing options advice.

What do I do if I have nowhere to live in Oldham? 

If you are homeless today, contact the Housing Advice Team on 0161 770 4605.

If you’re concerned about someone (over the age of 18), that you have seen sleeping rough in Oldham, you can send an alert to StreetLink, either via their website or the StreetLink app. Click the button ‘Take Action Now’ to sign in first.

The details you provide are sent to the local outreach service, to help them find the individual and connect them to support. It’s important to note that if you think the person you are concerned about is under 18, please do not contact StreetLink but instead call the police. 

What do I do if I have nowhere to live in Knowsley? 

If you’re sleeping rough or know someone who is sleeping rough you can contact the Housing Solutions team for help on 0151 443 2333.