Five low-cost ways to travel more sustainably

Whether it’s making trips to see loved ones, or escaping abroad on holiday, there are easy ways to travel from A to B more sustainably.

Some types of transport are more sustainable than others, but it can be difficult to travel in an eco-friendly way on a budget. Getting about by car or plane produces lots of C02 emissions, which isn’t good for the environment, and with the price of fuel still high, it can be costly.

We’ve listed 5 top tips to help you be greener when travelling, without it costing the earth:

1. Look out for discounts on public transport 

Using public transport is a lot more eco-friendly than driving, but it can be expensive. Some good tips to save money on public transport are to see if you are eligible for a discount pass or consider buying a season ticket if you are travelling to the same place frequently.

For train travel, it’s best to book in advance to get the best price and travel outside peak times when you can. In general, national coaches are cheaper than taking the train, and sometimes they offer great deals around school breaks and bank holidays.

2. Walk wherever you can 

Walking is free and emits zero carbon emissions! It’s not always possible to walk where you need to go, especially with children or heavy bags in tow. But even swapping short journeys makes a difference and is great for your mental and physical health!

3. Carshare 

If you’re going to the same place as colleagues, friends or family, car sharing is a fab way to save money and reduce carbon emissions. Plus, you can split the price of fuel making it cheaper and more sustainable.

4. Cycle 

Cycling is an eco-friendly, fun way to travel. Bikes and bike locks can be pricey, but it’s easy to pick up a second-hand bike on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. Cycling is faster than walking, and if you’re going on a staycation you can bring the bike with you to travel around the area sustainably.

5. Opt-out of air travel 

Air travel accounts for three per cent of all global greenhouse gas emissions, which is a lot when you think about how many greenhouse gasses are emitted by other industries.

It’s not always possible to avoid air travel if you’re going on holiday, but if you have more time you can travel by train, boat or coach.

Not only is it more eco-friendly, but you can also avoid the stress of security and checking in, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. It’s also often cheaper than flying, especially if you book trains and ferries in advance!

Hopefully, these sustainable travel tips have inspired you to be greener when you’re out and about.

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