Ellis shares how his positive attitude has helped to secure his apprenticeship


16-year-old Salford local, Ellis Dennis, is four months in to his ForHousing Facilities Assistant Apprenticeship and is already thriving.

Ellis was supported by ForHousing’s Employment Support Service, which gives students a chance to learn different skills and gain valuable experience in plastering, tiling, bricklaying and joinery.

During Year 10 and 11, Ellis studied bricklaying and joinery when he came across an advert for an apprenticeship role. With encouragement from his teachers there, he sent off an application.

Despite there being lots of other applicants, Ellis was thrilled to get a phone call from his teacher to say that he’d beaten all the competition and got the job.

“I knew I was up against experienced candidates, but I believed in my ability to learn and contribute. Confidence and a positive attitude go a long way, and it’s something I want to encourage in others.”

Working alongside Facilities Manager Teresa and Facilities Assistant Chris, Ellis feels supported in his role. “Teresa and Chris have been amazing mentors. They haven’t thrown me in the deep end and have been really patient making sure I don’t feel overwhelmed with each task; it’s my first job in the real world and they’ve been so understanding of that!

Teamwork is a big part of the culture here, and it makes coming to work so much more enjoyable.”

One key aspect of Ellis’s apprenticeship is his training with Dynamic Training, experts in apprenticeship training. Set hours each week are dedicated to honing his skills and preparing him for future responsibilities like fire alarm and lighting checks.

“I never knew how much work went into looking after a building and making sure anyone that comes through the door is safe and looked after. I’ve got a huge appreciation now for how much hard work goes on behind the scenes and I’m reallyproud to be part of it!”

Looking ahead, Ellis has ambitious plans. “I’m not just here for the 18-month apprenticeship; I’m here to stay. My goal is to progress and hopefully end up doingfacilities management training in the future. ForHousing has provided me with a platform to learn, and I want to continue taking every opportunity given to me.”

For those considering apprenticeships but hesitating due to lack of experience, Ellis has a message: “Don’t underestimate yourself. I was in the same position, but ForHousing saw potential in me.

“Hit the apply button, and if you get the chance to be interviewed, showcase your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Experience can easily be gained, but the right attitude is something that can’t be bought but is invaluable.”

ForHousing supports young people like Ellis to kickstart their careers through apprenticeships and other opportunities.

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