Your regular helping of positive planet news stories!

Here’s your regular helping of positive news stories!

There are so many amazing things going on in the world, which are often overshadowed by gloomier news stories. We think it’s time to shine a light on some positive developments happening across the globe.

Whether it’s new innovations helping to combat climate change or new initiatives to aid animal welfare and conservation, there are lots of exciting things happening that are sure to put a spring in your step. Sit back, relax and have a read through our latest Positive Planet newsletter.

1. Earth dug for the London Elizabeth Line has become a new bird sanctuary

The large amounts of upturned Earth used to create the new Elizabeth Line in London has been used to rebuild a coastal habitat for birds in Essex. The material was given to the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) to create the habitat now called the ‘Jubilee Marsh’. The project has helped to increase numbers of different bird species in this area, as well as combating the threats from climate change and coastal flooding.

(Source: Good News Network. Image credit: Ben Hall/RSPB Images)

2. Electric cars could be made with recycled materials

A variety of materials including bumpers and seating from old cars have been recycled into a metal called graphene. Graphene is the world’s lightest material, and in cars it can reduce weight, improve fuel efficiency and create rust free paint. The initiative could mean more of this material is used over time, creating a more circular recycling scheme. This could reduce landfill waste from over 1.4 billion passenger cars used globally.

(Source: Good News Network) (Image credit: SWNS)

3. Marine biologists may have found a low-tech solution to stop extra fish getting caught in nets

Marine biologists in Germany have found a way to make fishing nets audible to dolphin and whales’ acoustic signals – by threading them with tiny glass beads. The solution could save thousands of these animals from drowning after being caught in nets.

Similar initiatives have brought positive results already. In Mexico, green lights attached to fishing nets reduced the amount of unintentional marine life caught in nets by 63%.

(Source: Positive News. Image credit: D Stepputtis)

4. Bristol is using community energy to drive positive change

The Bristol Energy Cooperative is supporting projects to expand the city’s green energy supplies, giving free solar panels to a variety of organisations. They’ve raised £14 million since 2011, installed enough solar and battery assets to power over 3,000 homes, and channelled over £300,000 of community benefits payments into local social and environmental initiatives.

(Source: Positive News. Image credit: Giorgio Trovato)

5. EU records 34% drop in emissions, lowest level since 1990

Compared to 1990, the EU recorded a 34% overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020. Even before the pandemic reduced emissions, the EU had achieved a 26% reduction, smashing its 20% target. The key drivers of this decrease are said to be the growing use of renewable energy, less carbon-intensive fossil fuels and improvement in energy efficiency.

(Source: Good News Network. Image credit: Jadranko Marjanovic)

6.Urban forest in New Zealand creates a birdlife boom and brings back native species

An urban forest in Zealandia is showing that when you restore native forests in cities, native bird species come back. Since its opening in 1999, native birds have increased during yearly counts by 50%. They’re also seeing even higher numbers recorded for birds that usually shy away from cities.

One of their missions is to connect people with nature, so hikers can not only enjoy the species of native birds, but a whole load of other native animals too!

(Source: Good News Network. Image credit: Sid Mosdel)

Hopefully these Positive Planet news stories have brightened up your day and given you a boost of inspiration to do your bit to help the environment. Look out for the next instalment for more uplifting eco-news stories.

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