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With developments designed to combat climate change and projects to preserve and protect our planet’s wildlife, there’s plenty of good to see in the world.

We’re positive that these five stories will make your day a bit brighter.

1. Polar Bears Adapt to Living With Less Ice

According to a new survey, polar bears are managing to survive in their habitats, even without as much ice as previous years. It suggests that even in conditions that looked bad for the polar bears’ survival, they will continue to live and adapt to these new conditions. They’re even developing new hunting techniques!

2. Critically Endangered Red Wolf Gives Birth

Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island, USA, are carrying out a red wolf breeding program to try to increase the number of these endangered animals. This is because only around 15-20 red wolves currently remain in the wild.

Red wolves were previously marked as extinct, however, collaborations between wildlife foundations have brought the last remaining wolves together to create a breeding program, with the aim of increasing the wild population once again.

(Source: Good News Network. Image credit: Roger Williams Park Zoo)

3. Britain’s First Wetland ‘Super Reserve’ in Development

Wetlands are full of wildlife, they protect our coastlines, keep our rivers clean and store lots of carbon, but are often overlooked. Not anymore! The development of a 15,000 acre Somerset Wetlands national nature reserve takes a range of different habitats and links them together to benefit the region.

The plans also benefit the whole country, as the project brings together smaller reserves on a larger scale. This can reduce overall carbon emission, allow more natural ecosystems and maximise wellbeing.

(Source: Positive News. Image credit: Positive News)

4. Refill Shops Are Going Mainstream

Independent zero waste shops have been appearing on high streets for a number of years. Customers can bring their own containers and restock on items like pasta, rice and even beauty products.

Supermarkets are now set to bring out refill stations much like these independent stores, with Morrisons, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose all agreeing to install them by the end of the year. Asda are also introducing more refill aisles in a number of their stores after successful trials of the project.

(Source: Positive News. Image credit: Positive News)

5. Drones Are Swallowing Tonnes of Plastic Before It Enters the Ocean

Dutch company Ran Marine have released water drones that capture rubbish and bring it back to land. The drones aim to prevent large amounts of plastic and other rubbish from reaching the ocean, as this makes it harder to collect.

This will help prevent millions of tonnes of plastic from ending up in oceans, saving countless plants and animals from being killed.

(Source: Euro News. Image credit: Ran Marine)

6. Scientists Find a Way to Extract Biofuel from Banana Peel

Dried banana peels can be turned into renewable energy. Scientists have found a way of taking hydrogen from them that could boost supplies of gas. It’s also possible with corn cobs, coffee beans and coconut shells!

The banana peels must be dried at around 100°C for 24 hours, then ground and refined to a powder before being placed in a stainless steel reactor. This can then generate around 100 litres of hydrogen.

(Source: Euro News. Image credit: Pexels)

We hope these Positive Planet news stories have brought a smile to your face and maybe even given you a boost of inspiration to help with your own environmental efforts. Look out for the next installment for more uplifting eco-news stories.

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