Our Money Advice Service is here for you

Are you struggling with debts such as gas and electric or loans and catalogues and you don’t know how you’re going to deal with it? Then let us help you, please get in touch with our free Money Advice Service.  

Our friendly team of experts is here for you and can offer impartial advice and support around any of your debts.  

We are shining a spotlight on the service as part of Talk Money Week (6-10 November), an awareness campaign that encourages all of us to be more open about money. This includes everything from conversations with family and friends to turning to experts for advice and support. 

When you contact the new Money Advice Service, you will be connected with a Money Advisor. Their role is to work with you and support you to find a solution to your money problems. 

How the new Money Advice Service can help:

  • By reviewing your debts and helping you make an action plan to reduce them.
  • We can check if there are ways to increase your income:
  • By applying for grants and funds for you. 
  • By contacting the companies you owe money to come and arrange a more suitable repayment agreement 
  • We will contact the people you owe money to on your behalf.
  • By providing support with budgeting and managing your money.
  • By signposting you to further advice and support where needed.

Talk Money Week brings home how common it is to feel awkward when it comes to discussing money and to feel like we have to keep money worries to ourselves. Maybe you have run up a big credit card bill or are struggling to repay a loan. Or maybe you are worried about paying your rent or bills. Our colleagues can help with simple advice and practical support around savings and reducing debts. Please don’t feel alone – we are here to help.  

We know times are really tough with the cost-of-living crisis right now and we want to do all we can to support you.  

Whatever your money worries, our expert team can lend a friendly ear and help. Give our Money Advice Service a call today on 0300 123 5522 or email Money.advice@forhousing.co.uk  

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