Listening and acting upon your views – what's been done so far

Listening and learning from tenants helps us to continue to put you at the centre of our decision making. To make sure we get your thoughts, opinions and feelings to shape decision making and make sure you are satisfied with the services we provide.

In 2022 – 2023, we worked with you to get you involved in a way that suits you and it is important to us that you understand the positive impact your involvement has had in positively impacting the lives of social housing tenants.

Here’s what’s been done by listening to you and acting upon your views:

Customer Committee

Our Customer Committee is made up of nine tenants and residents, they are part of our formal Governance Structures that are in place to who hold us to account and enforce the direction of the organisation and the decisions that are made. So far, they have been:

Overseeing complaints

Overseeing complaints

This included Stage 2 complaints and Ombudsman findings, holding us to account by making sure we do what we said we are going to do.

Developing a performance dashboard

Developing a performance dashboard

This dashboard will monitor how we are performing. They have also requested deep dives, an intense investigation into performance, to discuss how we are responding to poor performance, specifically on repairs and maintenance, complaints and that tenants are treated fairly and with respect.

They have also recommended for approval:

Together with Tenants Charter

Our new Tenant Scrutiny model

The building safety tenant engagement framework

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

All of the above champion tenant opinions, feelings and the things that matter to you. To make sure you are listened to, and that your views are acted upon.

Members of the Customer Committee also have links to Community Voice, to make sure issues that arise in communities are reported back and addressed at senior board level. To find out more about the topics mentioned above, click here.

Community Voice

The Community Voice is a group made up of tenants. We have a group in Fitton Hill, Salford and Stockbridge Village. They hold us to account for how we deliver services in their local areas, giving us valuable feedback that we can use to listen and improve. Members also make important decisions about funding applications to our Community and Local Area Improvement Fund, where money is granted to local projects.

Positively impacting the lives of social housing tenants with the Local Area Improvement Fund

Incredible Education were awarded £3000 to support the development and delivery of a community workshop that would support members of the local community, schools and youth groups to have a go at working with wood in a welcoming and safe environment. The workshop contains workbenches and equipment and delivers fun and engaging sessions. It also supported the organisation to attract more funding.

Positively impacting the lives of social housing tenants with the Community Fund

The Fitton Hill Food Club were awarded £500 to support their project that provided not only food boxes to locals who were struggling financially but also a place to connect with others.

Shelly joined Fitton Hill Food Club in Oldham in July 2020 and doesn’t know what she would do without it. She then began volunteering to help not long after. Shelly lives at home with her husband and son. She suffers from depression, fibromyalgia and social anxiety.

Shelly praises the club for the positive impact it has had on her life. Her confidence has improved, and she has come out of depression and her husband says she is like her old self. Shelly has also managed to secure herself a job.

Tenants and Residents Associations & Building Safety Forum

Tenants and Residents Associations are able to access our health check grants, where the Community Development officer will undertake a ‘health check’ of the group, ensuring that they are legally compliant, and offer training in areas of development highlighted by the groups.  We supported 15 groups with grants of £9,000 and provided training to 22 tenants.

Tenants who live in high-rise buildings have approved an engagement framework.


As part of this, they developed a forum where a group of tenants come together to talk about safety in high rise buildings. They will also be part of inspections to make sure that communal areas are clean and well looked after.

The forum has also supported the design of a ‘tenant safety information card’. It highlights what ForHousing does to support tenants to stay safe, but also gives guidance to improve understanding of what tenants in flats and apartments can do to keep themselves and their neighbours safe.


Our new approach to Scrutiny

Members of the scrutiny panel have developed a new way of undertaking scrutiny reviews to make sure that we hear from a wide range of people. Through our new Scrutiny process, you will be able to review what we do and why we do it, influencing what happens to your home and community, and putting you at the heart of our decision making.

The new model was approved by the Customer Committee and launched in April 2023.

To learn more about Scrutiny and what it is, click here.

Janette Ball, a tenant and Scrutiny partners said:


Launched the Together with Tenants Charter

Our Together with Tenants Charter was launched in April, and was developed with tenants over six-months, where we listened to you and gathered your feedback. A group of 14 tenant volunteers identified key issues that are important to you, that can help improve our services, and this shaped our Together with Tenants Charter. It sets out these issues into five key themes and under each theme, we made commitments to you.

We wanted to understand how we can make it easy for tenants to know how we are doing and for us to provide them with assurance that we are doing what we said we were going to do in the charter, so our tenant working group co-designed a way of measuring the delivery of our commitments. These performance indicators are reported to Customer Committee every three months, and we have created a section on our website specific to our performance against the Charter commitments, so that you can be informed and hold us to account. This will be reported on annually and quarterly.

Click here to see how we are performing.

Helen Wild, a Fitton Hill tenant who was involved in producing the Charter said: “From a tenant’s perspective, although we don’t own the property, it’s our home. As tenants, we ask for respect from ForHousing and want them to provide good-quality homes and services. That’s their commitment and the Charter is our way of holding them to it.”

Working with you, we have also improved the way we do things


We worked with tenants to improve our website and make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Annual report

We listened, learned and acted upon your views by changing the way we report annually. It will be simplified and more focused on things that matter to you.

Forward Together

Is a programme that aims to design a new way for us to deliver services, working alongside tenants. Already it has seen a number of changes happen including recruiting two more repairs liaison officers, whose job it is to ensure that tenants with complex repairs are kept updated and they are coordinated correctly. Plus changes to our appointment booking system, increasing the numbers of appoints made when you first contact us.    

Supported housing forum

We’re listening and improving the way we do things with help from our supported living tenants. The group gives tenants the opportunity for their views to be heard, and for our teams to then offer solutions to act upon them. As part of this, they have recently produced a money saving leaflet for older people to support their neighbours through the cost of living crisis.

You said, we listened…

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You said…

You were dissatisfied that your kitchen units were put back after damp works had been completed, as you felt they were damaged by the damp and should be replaced.

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We listened and…

We now inspect kitchens before any damp works take place to assess whether they are suitable to be refitted with a new kitchen. This is discussed and agreed with each tenant.
If the kitchen is damaged, we then work with you to offer a choice of new kitchen and ensure it is ordered and ready to fit once the damp works are completed.

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You said…

You were unhappy with the call wait times to get through to our Customer Connect Hub.

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We listened and…

We’ve employed additional full-time employees to support with the demand. We have seen the call wait times significantly improve as a result.

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You said…

We should ensure that repairs are completed successfully first time and they should make sure workers arrive on time.

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We listened and…

We’ve improved access first time, attending on the appointment date and ensuring any follow-on appointments are made before leaving your home. We’re also working hard to address the backlog of damp and mould works.

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You said…

We could have acted faster with the complaint, and there was a lack of communication. It would have been better if I was kept informed of the progress of my complaint.

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We listened and…

We have recruited extra colleagues to deal with complaints so that we can keep in touch with tenants more frequently and respond to the complaint more quickly.

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You said…

We sorted out arrears to be in line with pay days and it has put you at ease about not getting in further arrears. The service has given structure regarding future rent payments. It would have been better if we took into account the exceptional situation and made some concessions to our protocol.

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We listened and…

Our income team have all taken part in Collecting with Care training, which has helped us to become more tenant-focused in our approach to rent collection, listening to individual circumstances.

Our commitment to involving you, and listening and acting on your views to improve the services you receive, has been recognised by TPAS, the resident engagement experts. After a rigorous assessment process, ForHousing has been successfully reaccredited.


Listening and acting upon your views – what’s next

  • Our tenant Scrutiny groups will be investigating the tenant experience of our damp and mould and complaints services. They will also be looking into how we deal with noise complaints
  • We will be launching our new complaints and feedback panel. This tenant group will have oversight of how we deal with complaints and hold us to account for how we learn lessons and improve
  • We will be working alongside a brilliant consortium of groups, including Unlimited Potential, We Make Places and Action Together to truly understand who lives in ForHousing communities and how we can support them to fulfil their aspirations for their neighbourhoods
  • We will establish a repairs and maintenance customer review panel who will monitor, scrutinise and help to improve our service