6 simple swaps you can make in plastic free July!

Plastic-free July is all about reducing how much plastic we use to help the environment. We use so much plastic in our daily lives, that not all of it can be recycled. The non-recycled plastic ends up in landfill where it doesn’t decompose, or in nature where it harms plants and animals. 

What’s more, plastic is made from chemicals sourced from fossil fuels, which are one of the main causes of global warming. 

So, there’s no better time to try these easy, cost-effective swaps to cut out single-use plastic!

Get yourself a reusable water bottle

Not only do reusable water bottles last longer than single-use ones, they help the planet too! Supermarkets and other shops sell lots of low-cost reusable options, including metal bottles and sturdy plastic ones that can be used lots of times before they are recycled.


Use tinfoil instead of cling film

When it comes to kitchen essentials, tinfoil is the more eco-friendly option. If you wash it properly after you use it, and scrunch it up, it can be chucked in the recycling bin. Cling film ends up in landfill and is made from non-biodegradable plastic.

Pick plastic-free fruit and veg

If you can, choose fruit and veg that doesn’t come in plastic packaging as it is much better for the environment. In most supermarkets, loose fruit isn’t more expensive than the plastic-wrapped alternative. You might not be able to make the swap for everything you need, but even if you can go plastic-free for a few items, it makes a difference!

Use Tupperware for your packed lunches

 If you make packed lunches at home, using reusable Tupperware instead of single-use bags or cling film to wrap your sandwiches is much more eco-friendly. It also saves money, as Tupperware can be used again and again. You can also use it to store your leftovers in the freezer, cutting down on food waste.

Switch to a reusable coffee cup

If you’re a fan of hot drinks on the go, buying an affordable reusable coffee cup saves on waste, as most coffee cups are not recyclable. Plus, lots of coffee shops like Starbucks give you money off your drink with a reusable cup, so it’s a win-win!

Wash with bar soap

Bar soap is a great way to cut out plastic bottles, compared to shower gel. It usually comes in cardboard packaging, which is better for the environment, and is often cheaper too.

Plus, opting for simple, fragrance-free options usually means they contain less harmful chemicals which is good for your health, and the planet.


It’s cheap and easy to get involved in Plastic-Free July, so what are you waiting for? Why not take part in this month’s Future Matters challenge, which is to switch to bar soap for the month!

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