Employment Support Service

Are you looking for work, or maybe you know someone who is? Our brand new Employment Support service can help. 

If you’re a tenant and need help with employment, you can receive support from an experienced advisor who can provide you access to: 

  • Careers advice from the National Careers Service 
  • Training to help increase your skills that will help you in the workplace 
  • Work experience which includes volunteering and work placements  
  • Support and advice to help you search for jobs 
  • Support and advice to build you independence and confidence 
  • One to one coaching sessions 

Our service will help you feel confident getting into work, no matter what your employment situation is. Whether you’ve not worked in a long time, looking to change jobs or refresh your skills, our new Employment Support Team are here to help! 

To find out more about the service, please email tenancyresilienceteam@forhousing.co.uk or phone 0330 995 7291 to contact a member of the team.