Using and caring for your home

What we ask of you as a tenant

Your home should:

  • Be your only or main place to live throughout your tenancy or you are at risk of losing your home
  • Not be used to undertake any illegal activity
  • Only be used to live in and not to operate a business unless we have given our written permission for this

Any business you do run must not cause a nuisance to your neighbours, otherwise we may need to withdraw our agreement. You must not display any commercial sign or notice board at your home without our permission.

You must not:

  • Make any alterations to your home without our written permission, this includes, putting up a car port or installing a new kitchen / bathroom
  • Keep a gas cylinder, bottled gas, paraffin, petrol or any other potentially dangerous, flammable, or explosive thing or substance at your home or in communal areas around your home. The only exception to this would be something that is required for a personal medical need for you or someone living in your home. This includes oxygen canisters, and you need to have specific permission in writing from us for this and must be stored safely within your home.

Care of your home

You are responsible for ensuring that you, everyone who lives with you, and any visitors:

  • Take good care of your home and use anything which belongs to us only for the purpose intended
  • Do not obstruct access to and from your home or to and from any neighbouring homes or other land
  • Take good care of any fixtures, fittings or furnishings that we have provided you with as part of your tenancy
  • Keep the inside of your home clean and adequately decorated
  • Do not store items so that repairs or inspections cannot easily be carried out
  • Do not store items in a way that creates a health and safety danger or hazard
  • Do not deface or graffiti your home or communal access areas
  • Keep any communal access area of your home clean and tidy and free from obstruction and rubbish
  • Do not store any personal belongings in a stairwell or communal access area for your home, or anything that may be flammable such as motorcycles, mobility scooters, e-bikes or push bikes.
  • Do not throw anything from any landing, balcony, corridor, or window in your home or in areas shared with other people
  • Do not block any joint driveway or footpath as this could prevent any emergency vehicles getting to your home or the homes of others
  • Keep noise in any communal area to a reasonable level to avoid causing nuisance to your neighbours. This includes excessive loud music, DIY and vacuuming at unsociable hours.
  • Do not jam open communal area doors or let people into your block that you do not know to be visitors without identification
  • Dispose of rubbish as instructed from time to time by your landlord and by the local authority
  • Do not fly-tip or dump rubbish.

If you don’t take care of your home as outlined above, we may have to charge you reasonable costs if we have to put things right. It’s important to remember, that you are responsible for the actions of everyone living in your home and any pet or any visitors.

  • Any gas appliances, like cookers, need to be installed by a Gas Safe registered fitter and electrical appliances by a NICEIC registered fitter.
  • Do not fit a ceiling fan in any room with a gas fire and do not use any room with a gas fire as a permanent bedroom.
  • Make sure external air bricks, internal vents, and window vents are not obstructed, including those fitted for gas appliances.
  • If your home has solid fuel heating for your appliances, burn smokeless solid fuels.

It is your responsibility to:

  • Take reasonable steps to protect your home against damage or other harm resulting from fire, flood, decay, infestation, condensation, damp, freezing pipes, or any other causes
  • If you identify a pest infestation such as rats, ants or pigeons in your home, it is your responsibility to arrange and pay for treatments to remove the pests, unless they are within a communal access area or external bin store
  • Always keep doors and windows in your home adequately secure
  • Report to us as soon as possible any issues with your home that need repairing including blocked drains, water leaks, structural defects, and problems with water, gas, electricity, or fire appliances, or anything we are responsible for
  • Report to us immediately any faults which might injure or harm anybody or anything

If your repair request is made outside office hours, this will transfer to the emergency service. Please ensure you only report repairs that are a real emergency, otherwise, we may charge you the extra costs of doing the work outside normal hours.

Caring for your home – pets

You are responsible for making sure that any animal kept in or at your home is looked after and kept under control at all times. Pets must not be left unattended for periods of time that may cause harm or distress to them or cause a nuisance to your neighbours. Animals must not damage your home or communal areas or foul in any communal areas or on balconies. It is up to you to clean up after your pets.


It is important that you, anyone living in your home and any visitors do not bring into or near your home, any animal that may annoy your neighbours or make them feel unsafe. You need special permission to keep some types of pets. Unless you have our written permission, you will not keep in or at your home:

  • Any animal that is classed as wild or dangerous by law or by a conviction
  • Any livestock (which includes but is not limited to cattle, pigs, poultry, donkeys, ponies, horses, sheep and goats)
  • Any poisonous snake or other poisonous reptile or insect
  • An aviary or pigeon loft

If you have a dog or more than one dog, you need to make sure the dog(s) cannot get out of your home, garden or balcony by itself, or do harm to any visitor to your home or passer-by.

We reserve the right to ask you to remove any animal we consider unsuitable to be kept in your home or which causes annoyance to your neighbours.

What else are you responsible for?


You, anyone living with you, or your visitors must not park or store vehicles (including heavy goods vehicles), on any land belonging to us, except:
– In a garage
– On the road
– In a communal parking area
– On a suitable and agreed vehicle hard-standing within the boundary of your home, with a dropped curb installed. You need our permission for this.

• You need our permission to store caravans, trailers, or boats (except in a garage) in the boundary of your home, in a communal area or on land that we own.
Please ensure you don’t:
• Leave any motor vehicle untaxed or in an unroadworthy condition in any area owned by us. Otherwise, the vehicle will be removed, and we will need to charge you for this.
• Block local roadways or other vehicular access ways.
• Use driveways, communal areas, gardens, or car parks for carrying out regular car repairs or in a way that causes nuisance to neighbours or anyone else.


If your home has a balcony, we ask you to:
• Keep it clean and tidy at all times
• Keep it free of anything that could be a danger to you, anyone who lives with you, or your neighbours
• Keep it in a condition that does not detract from the appearance of the building
• Not allow any animal to foul it.
• Not light fires, including barbecues on it.
• Not store flammable materials on it.


If your home includes a garden, it is your responsibility to look after it. We ask that you:
• Keep your garden neat and tidy by cutting grass, keeping weeds under control and trimming hedges. If your garden becomes overgrown we may need to take legal action.
• Keep any shed, greenhouse, car port, lean-to, or conservatory in good, safe condition.
• Keep any steps, paths and any dividing fence in safe and sound condition.
• Prevent any tree or bush from becoming a nuisance or danger to visitors to your home or neighbours.
• Do not cut down any trees without getting our written permission.


It is your responsibility to put right and pay for any damage to your home caused:
• By you or any person living in your home or employed by you carrying out any repairs, improvements, or alterations.
• Deliberately by you or a family member of visitor – such as smashed windows or broken doors.
• By your carelessness (this doesn’t include fair wear and tear).
It is your responsibility to pay for and arrange any repairs or replacements. If we undertake work to put right any damage, we will recharge reasonable costs to you.

Your repair responsibilities

Making sure your home is safe and well maintained is a priority, however there are some repairs that you will need to take care of yourself.

Click here to find out more about your repair responsibilities