Christmas Traditions Reinvented

Posted: 15/12/2021

Christmas Traditions Reinvented


For most of us, the holidays are a time for traditions. One of the best things about the festive season is getting together to do the special things that you do each year.

Here are some ways you can make your traditions a little greener this year:


Second-hand Christmas jumpers


Cheesy Xmas jumpers are a must for lots of people – us included! You can’t beat them at a holiday get together or lounging on the sofa after stuffing yourself with Christmas dinner. 


But buying a new one every year isn’t great for the environment. This year get digging in your drawers and reuse one that you’ve worn before, or head to the charity shops which often have a great selection making a fun new cost-effective and eco-friendly tradition.


Eco-friendly wrapping 


Wrapping presents for our loved ones is sometimes stressful (and last minute), but it’s a necessity. We all know someone who goes all out every year with their presentation, but this year you can be the smug one by taking care of the planet.


Instead of hopping on the bright sparkly wrapping paper train (does it really look that good anyway?!), impress your loved ones with your green ways by opting for brown paper. Other non-shiny wrapping paper that passes the scrunch test is good to go too – it’s just got to be tightly scrunched.


And have one mind on the future when opening prezzies this year by saving ribbons, cards, and gift bags to reuse in 2022. Boom!



DIY decorations


We can all picture it, the Christmas tunes are on and we’re with our favourite people, putting up the decorations. Tree, or no tree, decorations are a special tradition that make our homes and communities feel festive and cosy. 


Many of us reuse decorations that have been passed down from our parents, or that we’ve used for years – which is amazing for the planet!


But, if you’re thinking of buying new ones this year, think again! We challenge you to make some of your own. It’s more eco-friendly and it’s a great way to fill an afternoon - especially if you have little ones.


All you need is some paper or cardboard and pens – but ditch the glitter (it’s not recyclable!)


Our future matters challenge this month is to make your own decos – share your photos on social media and tag us at #FutureMattersUK to be entered into our sustainable prize draw.


Leftover treats for Santa


A mince pie and a glass of milk for Santa – it’s got to be done. It can be tempting to buy some new treats for our North-Pole-friends, but don’t forget to just use what you already have in the cupboard. 


If you don’t have any mince pies it could be any treat (my personal Santa’s fav is shortbread!), or even a cucumber instead of a carrot for Rudolph.


Local Christmas shopping trip 


Going to town and shopping amongst all the twinkling lights, maybe stopping for a warm festive drink on the way, is without a doubt one thing many of us love to do in December.


If you can, try to do your Christmas shopping in your local area and community – and don’t forget to check out second-hand charity stores too. It’s a great way to support small businesses and reduce carbon emissions.


Board game swap


Sitting down, setting our phones to one side, and playing board games is a lot of fun… and sometimes competitive stress. 


There are usually a few games sitting collecting dust at the back of the cupboard that we just don’t play anymore. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Get your family, friends or colleagues involved in a game swap.


It’s a win-win situation - both people get a new board game to play this holiday, without spending any money, AND it’s super eco-friendly! 


We know you’re going to have an awesome, eco-tastic Christmas – and we want to hear all about it. 


Let us know in the comments below what changes you’re making this year to bring a little green cheer to your plans.

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