We’re an Answer Cancer Champion!

Posted: 04/10/2021

It’s the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021, a time to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention and work together to stay informed and up to date. We’re passionate about helping you have control over your health and wellbeing and we’re always thinking of ways we can go above and beyond and work in partnership to make a difference for as many people as possible.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that ForHousing is now an Answer Cancer Champion! We really believe in the work that the Greater Manchester based screening and engagement programme do daily and that’s why we’re spreading the word and championing their movement across all ForHousing areas.

Answer Cancer is a movement bringing together local organisations and communities to help tackle cancer. Answer Cancer Champions learn more about screening programme, signs and symptoms of cancer and helpful resources and support and their share this information with friends, family, colleagues, and their wider community. It’s all about working together to help prevent cancer.

Someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes. It’s a shocking and upsetting statistic but we can all play our part by donating, learning more and by being there for those affected by cancer.

We’ll be sharing a range of support, resources, and information with you right here on the website and on social media. We’re also training ForHousing staff about the signs and symptoms, facts and myths and screening opportunities for various cancers – so they will be on hand to support you too.

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