Youth Club gives Lloyd a new lease of life

Youth clubs, like BAYSE, are a perfect way for you, or your family, to stay connected and make friends in the local area. BAYSE is a youth club for ages 8-16, supported by Salford City Council which aims to break the cycle of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in the community by encouraging young people to engage in activities and learn new skills that would raise their self-believe and aspirations for the future. Lloyd, a ForHousing tenant from Salford, has used the club to help him resolve anger issues, discover like-minded young people and create a better life for himself.

Initially, Lloyd’s parents were skeptical about Lloyd joining BAYSE as he had joined similar projects in the past and it hadn’t worked out. But since then, he no longer needs them to supervise the sessions because he’s happy to attend by himself. He even organizes his time around going to BAYSE because he enjoys it so much.

The youth leaders at BAYSE took the time to get to know Lloyd, as well as his friends - some of which he met through the sessions. He gets on really well with all the leaders and his parents feel confident that they can handle any trouble that arises.

Lloyds Dad told us: “My outlook at BAYSE has completely changed. I have seen what Lloyd has gained from it, including new friends and hobbies like fitness and swimming. Lloyd is very passionate about keeping fit and this definitely comes from the free gym pass that the youth club has given him. He now goes to the gym regularly with his friends from BAYSE.”

Lloyd’s parents shared that they’ve seen him mature since going to BAYSE over the past 4 years, and his temper has dramatically improved. He now understands the need to think before he acts, which helps him to remove himself from dangerous situations and improve his well-being and life outcomes.

Salford City Council said: “Youth clubs play an important role in helping young people engage in positive activities, forming friendships, encouraging peer mentoring as well as broadening the horizons of young people. The team leaders at the club are positive role models and there has been a noticeable reduction of anti-social behavior since BAYSE was introduced.”

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