Penny's journey to feeling better about money

Our purpose is to improve lives – through quality homes and places, but also through support and guidance to begin the journey to a better life.

A ForHousing tenant, Penny, found herself confused and feeling vulnerable after her debts became out of control. She believed she would be left homeless. Penny also had severe health problems, as did her 24-year-old son Liam, who she looked after.

We completed an assessment of Penny and found that she didn’t have additional debts, but instead needed guidance to set up payment schedules to manage her finances better going forward.

We were growing concerned with her mental and physical health and the fact her conditions weren’t being treated. Claire, a Neighbourhood Officer at ForHousing, arranged for Penny to see her GP and she finally received the medication and treatment needed to manage her illness.

Claire’s focus was not only Penny, but she also saw an opportunity to support Liam, who was socially isolated and had experienced a life of being bullied and low self-esteem. Claire gained his trust and guided him to claim more financial support which granted him access to more opportunities outside of their home.

At ForHousing, we care about tenants and through a person-centred approach Penny and her son were able to become financially better-off, relieved without fear of increasing debts but also gained access to health services that had a positive effect on the family’s wellbeing.

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