Keeping communities safe

Each day we focus on improving community wellbeing and have the powers and responsibility to protect your quality of life.

Several ForHousing tenants reached out to us about James*, a 54-year-old man, living in their community. They told us about threats of violence, drug dealing and taking, and persistent noise-nuisance complaints.

His neighbors felt that they couldn’t enjoy their home or have any peace and quiet because of the amount of visitors he had, whom they suspected were drug dealers.

The Community Safety Team began looking into the claims, offering support and regular updates on the situation.

We will always do our best to resolve any problems, and help people get the support that they need. Initially, James was given a tenancy warning and referrals were made to drug, alcohol and social services to try and get to the root of the problem.

We aim to be the best landlord we can be, and are dedicated to helping tenants stay in their homes for as long as they want to. We worked closely with Project Gulf, Salford’s scheme that tackles serious and organized crime, as well as Greater Manchester Police. We were worried he had become a victim of ‘cuckooing’. This means that James was potentially a victim of exploitation in his own home.

Police officers and a community safety coordinator carried out multiple home visits. Unfortunately, James declined the support offered, which we believed was because he was afraid of letting visitors into his space.

The behavior didn’t change so a civil injunction was applied for, and granted, by the court which offered more protection to the neighbors and more support for James to help him stay in his home.

We worked together with Adult Social Care who built a good relationship with James and he began to get more involved with the support offered.

Eventually we moved James to a secret, temporary location whilst a permanent home could be found in a different area.

He is now engaging positively with drug services and is determined to turn his life around.

We hope that one day he’ll feel safe enough to speak to the police about the people who were exploiting him.

We’re committed to supporting anyone affected by anti-social behavior, including witnesses. To report an incident of anti-social behavior, visit

*Name has been changed to protect individual's identity.