Finding ways to help people live happily and comfortably at home

Lyndon, a ForHousing tenant has hearing difficulties and uses sign language to communicate with others because he finds it difficult to communicate verbally. As Lyndon has no family or friends close by, he relies a lot on the Supported Housing Service and the team that work there.

When Lyndon recently had a fall, he called for help using his pendant but had trouble knowing if the operative could hear him. Lyndon felt really anxious and distressed and when the emergency services got to him he was very panicked.

After the incident we knew we needed to change the alarm equipment and think of ways we could give Lyndon reassurance that his emergency calls had been answered and help was on the way.

Lyndon is really independent and had said before that he didn’t want any extra equipment, but after his fall he changed his mind.

The ForHousing team worked together to see what products would work well for Lyndon and would help him control his stress and anxiety.

Equipment was found that could be used alongside the system Lyndon already had in place at his home and would help him feel more reassured and comfortable.

After talking things through with Lyndon we installed the new equipment into his home. This included a vibrating pillow pad which linked to the smoke alarm, flashing lights that told Lyndon he had an intercom call, and a vibrating and flashing pendant that let him know when a call had been made to the emergency alarm company and help was on its way.

Since Lyndon has had the new equipment he feels safer at home and has peace of mind that someone will always be on hand to help him.

By using a sign language interpreter on video calls, we have been able to stay in touch regularly with Lyndon to make sure that his needs are met even during COVID times.