Building confidence and improving lives

Before making a move to Supported Housing, 66-year-old Bernard from Eccles struggled to develop relationships with members of his community.

He no longer felt safe in his home and his lack of confidence to take part in activities he used to enjoy had led to him feeling lonely and isolated.

Although Bernard, who has learning difficulties, was anxious about moving into a new home, he was also looking forward to a fresh start at a ForHousing Supported Housing scheme.

Once he settled in, Bernard attended his first lunch club and quickly found his feet within the community.

Bernard said: “I was a bit nervous when I went to my first social activity, but my neighbours and the scheme co-ordinator made it so welcoming that my worries quickly disappeared.”

Living in Supported Housing has really boosted Bernard’s confidence and improved his self-esteem.

Not only is he now a regular when it comes to any social activity, but he has started to help organise events and sessions for his fellow tenants to enjoy.

He has also managed to make lots of new friends and build close relationships with his neighbours.

Bernard said: “I'm really happy here. I feel at home. I am doing things I like to do with my friends that I have never done before."