A person-centred approach

Peter was referred to the ForHousing Tenancy Support and Sustainment Team as he was struggling with his mental health and learning disabilities.

He had lived with his mother, who was his main carer, but she unfortunately passed away. Sadly, this caused Peter’s mental wellbeing to deteriorate quickly, and he made threats to end his life.

We became aware of her death, and Peter’s need for extra support, when an operative noticed his behaviour during a service visit for his stair lift.

ForHousing worked with social services to support Peter to downsize his home, from a three-bed house, to a one-bed flat, more suited to his individual needs.

We also helped Peter to have his medication and health reviewed, including an autism screening. This empowered him to get the right kind of support.

Our close partnership with his social worker was crucial to our success of enabling Peter to stay in his home - feeling safe, secure, and happy.

We continue to work with Peter to make sure he receives the correct welfare benefits and maximises his income.