A journey to a better life - Katharine’s story

“Devastating, lonely and heart-breaking,” are the words that Katharine used to describe life when she fell ill and before we stepped in to lend a hand.

Katharine says: “There’s been points over the last two years where I felt so low. I couldn’t even afford to go and see my mum,” she says.

Katharine and her partner Russell found themselves homeless for a short while.

“Thankfully ForHousing got in touch and helped us out,” she says.

Now they have a home they love and which has helped to create a sense of place and a feeling of belonging. The couple say there’s lots of community facilities and because it’s on the ground floor it’s easy to get around. Being in the heart of a vibrant community means there’s good transport links too.

Katharine says: “Around here is fantastic for me. I can get out easily. When I walked in, it had that feeling of home.”

Although Katharine’s health is still not very good, she is feeling more positive about the future thanks to the support we’re providing.

That help has also included sorting out Housing Benefit, Universal Credit, helping her partner Russell with Pension Credit and supporting a successful appeal for PIP.

“There’s a bit of light at the end of the tunnel – a sense of being, excitement and easier,” she says.

Watch Katharine’s story on video: