Pension Credit

We know that a little can really go a long way, and that’s why we want to do all we can to help those who are eligible to claim important financial support.

You and many others could be eligible to receive millions of pounds worth of unclaimed pension credit.

Do you know what pension credit is? It’s an income related benefit for people who have reached state pension age and is made up of two parts – guarantee credit and savings credit.

Research carried out by Greater Manchester Combined Authority shows that there is a persistently low uptake of the Pension Credit benefit amongst many people that are eligible.

We want you to help you get as much financial support as possible, especially during this difficult time where many people may find themselves struggling.

Although this is a Greater Manchester organised campaign, unclaimed Pension Credit is a reoccurring issue across the whole country, so we’d like to spread the message far and wide across all of our service areas so that as many people as possible can benefit from this extra bit of financial support.

As well as a free television licence, Pension Credit can also open up access to other additional benefits, which can in some cases add up to £1,000s per year for individuals. Some other benefits of Pension Credit include free dental treatment, help buying glasses and transport costs to hospital.

Support and advice about checking eligibility and making a claim is available at your local Citizen Advice Bureaux.

Knowsley: 0300 330 9008 or

Oldham: 0808 278 7803 or

Salford: 0161 250 5883 or

Cheshire West & Cheshire: or 0808 2787 806

If you would like a bit of extra support with the application process, we are here to help. Please contact us on 0300 123 55 22.

Visit the government website to find out more about the application process and eligibility criteria for receiving Pension Credit.