Repairs responsibilities

What is my responsibility?

Making sure your home is safe and well maintained is a priority, however there are some repairs that you will need to take care of yourself.

We're here to support you

We're here to support you

We understand that if you have a disability or are classed as vulnerable, you may not be able to carry out these repairs. We are here to help, so please contact us and we’ll find a solution together. 

To get in touch, visit our contact us page and if you want to find out more about reporting a repair, visit our repairs reporter page.


1. Provide plugs and chains to sinks, wash basins and baths.
2. Repair services to white goods, e.g. washing machines, dishwashers.
3. Blocked sinks and waste pipes (if the blockage has been caused by anything you’ve put down the sink or has got caught in the pipe). To unblock your waste pipes, you can use a plunger or buy a drain unblocker.
4. Problems arising if you have installed faulty plumbing like sinks, showers etc.
5. Shower curtains.


1. Minor plaster cracks.

Electrical work

1. Fuses (other than those maintained by Electricity North West). Always make sure your repair is carried out by a qualified electrician.
2. Electrical plugs.
3. Light bulbs (other than in communal areas).


1. Maintaining a garage, driveway, or shed that has been constructed by you or previous tenants where you have accepted responsibility for these
2. Refitting doors after laying carpets
3. Curtain rails and pelmets

 Fireplace bricklaying

1. Fireplace parts, e.g. ash pans etc.
2. Re-fix or replace wall, sill and fireplace tiles.
3. Chimney sweeping.


1. Glazing by accident or damage.


1. All internal locks, door handles.
2. Cupboard catches and hinges.
3. Drawer pulls and handles.
4. Loss of keys.
5. Hat and coat hooks.
6. Curtain rails and battens.
7. Refitting of doors after laying carpets.
8. Repairs to gates.
9. Repairs to fencing (except where dangerous).
10. Releasing stuck windows.
11. Clothes racks and pulleys.

Keys and locks

1. Lost keys and lock changes

We are legally required to carry out an annual gas safety inspection and it’s your responsibility to give us access to your home to do this.

You are responsible for the cost of any repair or replacement needed because of damage to or neglect of your home caused by you, anyone living with you, or your visitors. If you fail to do so, we are entitled to carry out the work required and to charge you the reasonable cost of the work.

We understand you may struggle to take care of some repairs yourself but help is available if you need it. Below you’ll find information on repair services.

Other help

Helping Hands

If you live in Salford, you can reach out to Helping Hands repairs service. They provide reliable and affordable service to those in need of extra help. Call 0161 793 9419 or visit their website.

Visit Helping Hands website


Some repairs will need to be carried out by a guaranteed professional. To find a local approved tradesperson for your home repairs, visit the Checkatrade website to find out more by clicking the link below.

Checkatrade website