New Domestic Abuse Policy

This week we launch a new policy to offer support and guidance on how we will tackle domestic abuse. It sets out how we safeguard tenants who may be exposed to abuse in their homes.

The new Domestic Abuse Policy has been created as part of a recommendation from the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) as part of our ongoing work towards accreditation.

DAHA’s mission is to improve the housing sector’s response to domestic abuse through a set of standards and an accreditation process to embed best practice sector-wide.

The policy will guide tenants, partners and colleagues on:

  • How we will respond to disclosures of domestic abuse
  • The support we can provide
  • The approach we will take by working alongside multiple partners to support those affected by domestic abuse
  • How we will tackle the unacceptable behaviours of perpetrators

It will support our vision to positively impact the lives of social housing tenants by giving them the support and guidance needed to help them feel safe in their home.

To read the policy click here. You can also visit our web page to see what support is available and how to report it.