Welcome to the ForHousing Annual Report 2022/23 – ‘Focusing on what matters’.

We are proud to represent everyone who lives in a ForHousing home. As involved tenants, we’ve worked hard to focus on what matters and to hold ForHousing accountable. So this year’s title, ‘Focusing on what matters’, is appropriate as there have been big changes in the housing sector over the past year that impact us, and ForHousing.

As tenants, we want to be happy with the homes we live in and the services that are provided to us. So a big part of our role as involved tenants has been making sure that everyone at ForHousing is focused on providing safe, well maintained homes and delivering customer focused, equitable and efficient services.

It’s really important that any decisions made are as a result of listening to tenants and you can read more in this report about how this has been happening over the past year.

We need to know that if we report a problem with our home or in our neighbourhood that we’ll be listened to and respected. We need to know that our concerns will be acted upon. We’ve shared our honest feedback with ForHousing about what is going well and areas where work needs to be done. For example, addressing damp and mould has been brought to the top of the priority list and ForHousing has made changes to how they talk about and handle complaints in response to listening to tenants and acting on our views.

It’s been reassuring to have opportunities to work together on the things that matter to us and drive forward improvements.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our work this year. Never hesitate to get in touch with us if there’s something you would like us to raise – whether it’s an approach that’s made a real positive difference or something that needs to be addressed.

There is a lot to feel proud of when we read this report. Thank you for playing your part and helping ForHousing to continue to positively impact tenants’ lives.

Stephen England, Kate Langtree and Kelly Nash
ForHousing Customer Committee

Stephen EnglandStephen EnglandCustomer Committee / Audit & Risk Committee(Oldham)
Kate LangtreeKate LangtreeCustomer Committee (Salford)
Kelly NashKelly NashCustomer Committee / People & Culture Committee (Knowsley)