Who we are

We’re a progressive landlord that owns and manage more than 24,000 homes and delivers housing management services for other landlords.

We invest in homes and spaces to fuel people’s potential and improve lives.

What starts as a house on a street becomes a home full of new possibilities. A place for people to build new lives and become part of a community.

Lives don’t improve by chance. They improve by change. That’s why everything we do is for the good of tenants. And why we work together, collaboratively, with care to have a lasting impact on communities.

All the work we do is driven by The Wellbeing Strategy. Take a look at how we’re making a positive impact to deliver positive change and improve wellbeing.

Group structure

ForViva, ForHousing, Liberty, For Living

How we work

People can know what to expect from us. Everything we do is driven by some core principles that everyone in the organisation is signed up to:

  • We are future focused – working with communities to understand what they need and making investments that open doors to new possibilities.
  • We work together – we know we can’t have the impact we want on our own. We work with tenants, communities, partners who want to make a difference. Together we can deliver real change.
  • We act with care – we act with care because we really do care – about tenants, about communities and about places. We’ll always be working to create better services.
  • We make a difference – we want to deliver real change. Challenge the norm and homes and places that create new possibilities.

We want to work with like-minded organisations and partners who believe in creating great homes and spaces, enabling people to unlock their potential, and improving lives. If that’s you, then please get in touch to discuss how we could work together.

We are always interested in hearing how we could do more to give back to the communities we work with, please get in touch. We know we can always do more – please tell us how!