Positive Planet Newsletter – February

It can often seem like sustainability news is all doom and gloom. With political tensions rising and the threat of global warming it can be hard to find some positivity when it comes to our environment.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to celebrate all the amazing things happening in communities across the globe.

There are brave, kind people working hard every day to get us one step closer to a healthy, happy planet!

So grab a cuppa and take five minutes to brighten your day with these inspiring stories of people who are striving to do good in their communities, and create greener, cleaner spaces for all.

A nature recovery plan has been announced in the UK

A huge, rewilding initiative will take place throughout the UK, with crucial ecosystems like wetlands, forests and nature reserves to be restored by 2042.

Farmers will even be paid to create wildlife habitats on parts of their land. Studies have shown that this can help increase crop yield and soil quality, as well as combating climate change.

Iceland permanently bans whaling 

From the end of 2023’s whaling season (when current permits expire) whaling will no longer be permitted in Iceland. Surveys found that local citizens and tourists would rather see the whales alive, enjoying their natural habitats, and this is great for our eco-system!

Solar-powered dehydrators fight food waste in India

In rural India, solar food dehydrators are helping farming households increase profits by cutting down on food waste.

The company Science 4 Society, who created the dehydrators, are working with local women to turn excess food into easy to use products, reducing emissions and retaining nutrients.

Madrid to build green wall to combat climate change 

Madrid has set plans in motion for a vast ‘green wall’ made up of around half a million trees, to surround the capital city.

The goal is to absorb carbon dioxide emissions, improve air quality and lower the temperature of the area. It will also provide a crucial habit for wildlife to be left as untamed and wild as possible.

Scottish government plants trees to save salmon population 

Due to global warming, Scotland’s rivers are becoming too hot in the summer for salmon to spawn, which threatens their population.

To combat this, the River Dee Board and Trust and local fisheries have started planting thousands of trees along river banks to provide cooling shade for the fish.

The trees are also important for wildlife habitats, increasing biodiversity and absorbing carbon.

Cambridge scientists create sustainable glitter from fruit 

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have discovered a way to make non-plastic, 100% eco-friendly glitter from cellulose, which is the building block of cell walls in plants, fruits and vegetables.

This new sustainable glitter is just as sparkly as the old version, but much less harmful for our planet.

I hope this round up of positive news stories from around the world has put a smile on your face! We’ll be back in two weeks with our next instalment.

We’d love to hear from you, if you know of carbon champions or sustainability wins in your local community, share with us at communications@forhousing.co.uk!

Thanks for reading! Make sure to follow us on social media for more inspiring stories and sustainable lifestyle tips.

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