How we are performing


We work together with tenants to improve the services we deliver.  Our performance is based around key areas.

Tenant satisfaction

Tenants are at the heart of what we do, what we decide and how we act. Excellent tenant satisfaction means that we deliver long lasting value at every stage of the customer journey. We make it easy for you to access services and deliver what you need.

98.42% (936/951)

of tenants are satisfied with a recent services they have received, such as home maintenance and safety, compliant handling, engagement and neighbourhood management.

98.18% (377/384)

of tenants are satisfied with a recent repair.

Our Net Promoter Score is


which measures how likely tenants are to recommend us to family and friends. The score ranges from -100 to 0 (would not recommend) and 0 to 100 (would recommend). This is classed as a good score.

Safe, well maintained homes

We work together with tenants to maintain and deliver high quality repairs and maintenance and complete these within agreed timescales. We want tenants to be proud of where they live and we know that this starts with a safe place to call home.

Landlord compliance

Extinguisher icon


of homes covered by fire regulations have an in date Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

Flame icon


of homes with gas have a valid gas servicing certificate

Electrical icon


of properies with electrical installations have been inspected within 5 years and with a valid electrical installation condition report (EICR)

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of domestic homes and communal areas with asbestos have been inspected annually

Water icon


of communal stored water systems have been inspected in time

lift icon


of lifts have been inspected monthly

Tenant satisfaction %

98.18% (377/384)

of tenants are satisfied with their most recent repair