Working at ForHousing

This is our journey. Join us.

As we face the future with refreshed passion and energy, to make more things possible for more people, our purpose has never been more relevant. Through the delivery of the Corporate Plan and key strategies we will be even more customer focused and agile, creating economic value and ultimately social value.

This is our journey. Join us.

Setting the standard

We work flexibly

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Work-life balance will swing back and forth as work distribution, priorities, time and life stages change. We empower you to work in ways and at times, to suit your lifestyle.

So, if you want to be healthy and walk the dog, do life admin at a time that works for you or fulfil your caring responsibilities and continue to work, you can do all this. Fit this in with the needs of the organisation and deliver on what’s agreed with your manager. You have flexibility.

We are inclusive

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  • We bring people together in an environment where they feel safe to openly share knowledge, experiences, opinions and ideas.
  • We want you to bring your whole self to work, to have the best possible experience, to thrive and feel valued.
  • Our policies and actions demonstrate that we are inclusive.
  • We will challenge any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment.
We focus on wellbeing

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We care about wellbeing. Through the wellbeing strategy, we will create the best possible environment for you to thrive and fulfil your potential.

We believe that our team is a community and understand that being well mentally is equally as important as physical health. We offer lots of ways to support your physical and mental health.

We make good desicions

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We base our decisions on data and intelligence and work collaboratively using insights available to the way we work, think, act and to make decisions.

We collaborate

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We connect with tenants through a wide range of communication channels, providing inclusivity and flexibility for all tenants to access services and collaborate with us, both in person and digitally, at a time that suits them.

Regular connection with our own teams, allows us to have a greater sense of belonging and purpose, stay in the loop and enjoy the social aspects of work. We will do this through a blend of all the technology we have at our fingertips – video calls, telephone conversations, and of course, when it is safe, meeting in person. There will also be more opportunities to get involved in cross-team activity, connecting as an organisation.

We have the right skills

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Developing the right skills and behaviours will be a continual part of your journey. Clear objectives will help you focus on what’s important and help you understand how your role supports our purpose.

Excellent customer care will be delivered by all of us, all the time. We live out our pledge through our HEART principles.

  • Have the right attitude
  • Ensure you do all you can – own it!
  • Always deliver promises
  • Recognise people are individuals
  • Treat them with respect
We promote balance

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Where your role allows, on the days you don’t need to meet up to work collaboratively, you can work from a base of your choice. This could be any public place such as a gym, library, coffee shop, or your home.

This flexibility gives you the space to focus on key tasks, whilst also being able to prioritise your wellbeing and home life – as well as having a positive impact on the environment, by travelling less.

We have the right technology

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You will have the right kit and the right support available for the way you work, so you can carry on focusing on improving lives.

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