Damp and mould

If you are experiencing damp in your home, it’s important that we deal with it together, as soon as possible. The quickest and easiest to let us know is by using our repairs reporter. 

How do I know if I have damp?

If your home hasn’t been properly protected from the elements, there’s damage to the roof or windows, you can see rising damp or you’re experiencing leaking pipes, this can create damp. 

Damp usually occurs because there is damage to your roof or windows or have leaking pipes. In most cases you’ll notice a ‘tidemark’ on your walls. 

If you cannot see any tidemarks or damage to your pipes and exterior of your home, then it could be condensation.

How do I know if I have damp?

How do I identify mould?

Mould will grow in places with a lot of moisture, such as a leakage in roofs, pipes, and walls. Usually, you will be able to smell it or notice its green, black, and white colours on varied surfaces. Mould will thrive with moist materials to feed on, such as wallpaper, wood and carpet.

Unfortunately, mould will continue to develop until it’s cleaned and removed. It’s important to report mould to us as soon as you notice it.

How do I identify mould?

What is condensation?

Even when we can’t see it, there is moisture in the air. If the air gets too cold, it cannot hold all the moisture, and tiny drops of water appear on surfaces. 

Like how your mirror mists over when you have a shower, or take a breath on a cold day. 

Unlike damp, it does not leave a tidemark, and mainly happens during cold weather.  

Keep a look out in corners, near windows, or in and behind wardrobes and cupboards – especially if the walls are north-facing.  

What is condensation?

Spotting the signs of damp

If you’re unsure if you have damp in your home, watch the video below to help you identify the signs.

I think I have damp and/or mould, what should I do?

The best thing to do is report to it us immediately. You can do this through our repairs reporter, which is quick and easy to use. It will walk you through the process, step-by-step.  

Alternatively, you can contact us on 0300 123 55 22, or speak to your housing officer or any member of staff.

We’ll arrange an inspection for all reported cases of damp and will carry these out within 10 working days of being reported but aim to be with you sooner.

What can I expect from ForHousing’s service?

We know we can always do better. By working with you, to listen to your opinions and feelings we will make positive changes, to make sure you feel satisfied with our services and trust us to deliver on promises. Last year, we launched a brand-new repairs service for damp and mould.  

The new process was co-designed by a dedicated task force, tenants, partners, and staff across ForHousing.

We consulted with hundreds of tenants and community members and listened to their feedback to make big changes to how we handle damp and mould related repairs. 

We’d like to thank you for getting involved on this journey and helping us to improve – we couldn’t do it without your support!

So, what did we change?

You can report an issue to any member of staff, not just the service centre, without being passed to someone else. All ForHousing frontline staff have been trained on how to “diagnose” your repair and advise you on next steps.

All staff have access to any recent repairs history so they can see the bigger picture, e.g., how often you’ve reported a repair and if you have any others in progress. 

It doesn’t matter if you report via the website, or on a call, you’ll be asked the same questions, so you get the right service every time.

We’ll arrange an inspection for all reported cases of damp and will carry these out within 10 working days of being reported, but aim to be with you sooner. We’ll aim to complete 90% of all damp repairs within 40 working days, allowing space for those longer-term solutions.

Operatives will update the outcome of every visit in real time, so both you, and your neighbourhood officer, have the most up to date information. You can track your repair from start to finish by visiting MyAccount+.  

We’ll always take your individual circumstances into account before offering a solution, as there is no “one size fits all” approach.

We want to provide the right support for you if you experience damp and condensation issues in your home, so here are just a few ways we can help you:


  • Installing a new damp-proof course to create a barrier and prevent water from the ground rising up.
  • Remove and re-plaster affected areas.
  • Replace any rotted woodwork affected i.e., skirting boards.


  • Inspect the loft area to ensure the insulation is dry, sufficient and covers all areas.
  • Check that fans and vents are operating effectively.
  • Install bathroom or kitchen extractor fans, trickle vents on windows, and additional condensation vents where none are present.

How long will it take to fix?

We’ll aim to complete 90% of all damp repairs within 40 working days, allowing space for those longer-term solutions. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to let us know if your repair isn’t fixed before a job is closed and we’ll follow up with you in 3 months’ time to check that everything is still ok.