Giving a helping hand to those living with Alzheimer’s

For those living with Alzheimer’s, daily life can often be distressing. Extra Care and Supported Housing teams work hard to keep residents feeling safe, comfortable and socialised. We are passionate about improving lives for all and that’s why we are supporting World Alzheimer’s Day 2021 to encourage everyone to learn more about dementia and the lives of those living with the condition.

Brenda has been a resident of Bourke Gardens in Walkden since August 2020. She finds her diagnosis upsetting and so she is currently unaware she has Alzheimer’s. Before moving into Bourke Gardens, Brenda often suffered a few falls and developed water infections which meant she was admitted to hospital regularly. With her health and wellbeing in mind, Brenda’s family moved her into Bourke Gardens where she is now enjoying a sociable yet relaxing life.

With a condition like Alzheimer’s, it’s not all plain sailing. Brenda found the move to her new home confusing and disorientating. She was withdrawn and upset and often called her family to find out where they were. She struggled with navigating the scheme and required someone to escort her around the building, as well as losing her bearings and forgetting the time of the day.

However, the Bourke Gardens team found a way to support Brenda by encouraging her to attend doorstep activities like sing-a-longs and bingo to keep other residents entertained. Brenda soon made new friends and began chatting with her new neighbours.

As COVID-19 restrictions lifted in Bourke Gardens, tenants like Brenda could make the most of the facilities in the scheme. Brenda now makes her own way to the restaurant for meals and she is aware of the time lunch is served. She even remembers where she is seated in the restaurant!

It’s not just Brenda’s wellbeing that has improved, her health is improving too. Brenda has not experienced any falls or hospital admissions in the last year. She can now spend that time enjoying her new home, socialising with staff and other residents and having her hair done.

Brenda’s family are relieved that she is settled and happy and despite her diagnosis, Bourke Garden’s is helping her to stay safe and comfortable and enjoying the wide range of activities they have to offer.

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