Community Fund

We're proud to be working with the Cheshire Community Foundation to establish a new community fund called ForCheshireWest.

We have currently invested £25,000 and Cheshire Community Foundation are working with other businesses to encourage them to match ForHousing's initial investment in order to create a sustainable community fund in the local area. So far our partners at MBNA have committed a further £25,000.

The aim of this fund is to build a permanent fund for charities, community groups and voluntary sector organisations to invest in local communities - supporting them to build their capacity to address issues within their neighbourhoods across the themes of Health and Wellbeing, Education and Employment and Improving Neighbourhoods.

The fund will focus on projects that support the development of sustainable, self-reliant communities and that demonstrate high levels of active citizenship and is open to groups across Cheshire West.

Organisations wishing to apply should apply via the existing Cheshire Community Foundations Small Grants programme or, for projects over £1,000 the Cheshire Community Foundation Main Grants programme.

For details of how to apply and information about the dates of application rounds, please see the Cheshire Community Foundation website here.