Your Be Proud winners are...

We absolutely loved reading through all your nominations for the Be Proud awards this year.

Although 2020 has been a challenging year, there has still been so much good happening. So many people dedicated their time, effort and passion into making their communities a thriving, inclusive and safe place to live.

We announced the winners of each award over on our community Facebook groups, but just in case you missed them, here’s the winners of the first 6 categories, keep an eye out for part 2!

Winners of the Biggest Heart award…

Lynn Rowley – Nominated by Emma as she has dedicated lots of her time this year to supporting vulnerable tenants by preparing meals, collecting medication and doing shopping for her neighbours.

Stephanie Tomlinson - Steph got the most votes out of any other tenant who was nominated! Karen is just one of the people that nominated Steph and said ‘Steph has a heart that keeps on giving and always goes above and beyond to help those around her.’

Jorena Oliver - Jorena was nominated by Lisa as she has supported a wide range of activities within her community this year including Play Streets, the Fitton Hill food club and Clothes Rack!

Sarah Tilling - Sarah has done lots for other people in her community this year, and has been nominated by her children for being such a great Mum through this difficult year.

Winners of the Good Neighbour award…

Sarah Ryan - Sarah was nominated by Lucille because she is passionate about keeping her community clean and goes out daily to litter pick and has even gotten the local children involved!

Val Tiere - Val was nominated by Barbara because she has looked out for her neighbours that have been struggling with personal issues during the pandemic.

Sharon Rogers - Sharon was nominated by Sandra who said ‘she does anything for everyone to help them’. Sharon has gone out of her way this year to help her neighbours that have been shielding, even when she was poorly herself.

Winners of the Greatest Group award…

Flourish and Succeed - They have raised thousands of pounds this year for those in need, and even implemented a new women’s group and ambitious walking activities!

R.E.E.L. CIC - R.E.E.L CIC received many nominations from people including Nikki, Jennie, Derek and Diane. They have supported their community this year with food, clothes, entertainment for all ages.

Port Grocery Volunteers - They were nominated by the ForHousing Wellbeing Team because of the excellent support to their community this year and worked hard to make sure every family had access to healthy, tasty and affordable food.

Winners of the Team Work Makes the Dream Work award…

Neil Joseph - Neil is a local councillor and was nominated by Steph and Annie for his help in getting KTC meals off the ground to make sure everyone in the community was provided with hot meals.

Karen Flowers - Karen was nominated by Family Action for her enthusiasm and positivity during the difficult times and helping to keep the food club running smoothly.

Salvation Army food parcel volunteers - They were nominated by the ForHousing Wellbeing team for their incredible commitment, hard work and support in delivering food parcels to families across Cheshire West & Chester during this difficult year.

Winners of the Well Good award...

Patricia Whitehouse - Patricia was nominated by Amy who said ‘Patricia is key to maintaining tenant wellbeing at the supporting housing scheme, whatever she does, she always puts tenants first’.

Kim Rogers - Kim was nominated by Charlene who said ‘Kim is a force to be reckoned with and has given her heart and soul to Fitton Hill! She has a passion for social action and made it her mission to spread as much joy as possible during the pandemic.’

Michelle Linda Hill - Michelle was nominated by Verna for the proactive approach to supporting tenants in the community by organising a number of events to tackle social isolation!

Winners of the Front Line Workers award…

Michelle Moran - Michelle was nominated by Natalie who said ‘I am nominating Michelle for all her hard work and dedication to the NHS as she relieves the stress of the overworked staff in hospitals, by supporting the older people in the comfort of their own homes.’

Alison Johnston - Alison was nominated by Amy who said ‘Alison has worked in a care home putting herself at risk of COVID but making sure the residents she cares for are happy and loved. It’s a hard job and even harder this year but she loves it and the residents love her!’

Lauren Anderson - Lauren has been a carer at Treelands care home in Fitton Hill for a number of years and has selflessly worked through the entire pandemic. She always put the residents first whilst simultaneously putting everything into her sons’ upbringing.

Read the second half of our list of amazing winners here!