We’ve made over 20,000 phone calls to support tenants’ wellbeing during lockdown

We hit a major milestone last month by making our 20,000th phone call to tenants to check on their wellbeing during lockdown.

Working with Salford City Council, and other partners, through the Spirit of Salford COVID-19 response, and working alongside Knowsley Borough Council, we’ve been picking up the phone every day to tenants to help combat loneliness, provide reassurance and make sure people have access to everything the need to keep safe and healthy during the coronavirus outbreak.

Rebecca Whittle, Neighbourhoods Strategic Lead at ForHousing, said: “Neighbourhood teams are working hard to make sure that tenants know that support is there if they need it during this unprecedented situation, whilst still delivering on their day to day responsibilities.

“We made a commitment to proactively contact certain groups who may need extra support, including those over 70 years old, single parents, those identified as vulnerable, and those who have previously struggled to manage their tenancy.”

During conversations we’ve talked with tenants about their needs and wishes and agreed plans for the duration of the lockdown.

This included everything from making sure people can access food and medicines to regular calls for a chat over a brew for those feeling lonely.

We recently launched a new Corporate Plan. Our key aim is to improve wellbeing in communities where we own and manage homes, employ staff and deliver vital services.

Rebecca added: “Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do at ForHousing and our priority during this period has been to make sure that people feel secure in their home, are able to keep physically and mentally healthy and can keep connected with their loved ones either physically or digitally.

“We wanted to make sure that as we adapted our services in communities we listened and built them around people’s needs."