Stay warm this winter

Now that it’s winter, we know it’s important that you and your loved ones stay warm and safe in your homes.

We want to help you prepare your home against colder conditions to ensure you stay snug this season!

While there’s not much you can do to stop it getting cold outside, you can still make sure you stay warm inside your home. We’ve put together a list of helpful tips and tricks to avoid common issues that happen around the home when the cold weather hits:

Freezing weather can mess with your boiler. Always make sure to book your boiler in for a service before the coldest weather hits. This will ensure your boiler is working at its best to keep you warm this winter.
If your boiler is on the blink, watch this helpful video from one of our partners, Liberty, on how you could fix it without calling out an engineer!

If your boiler is on a pre-payment or billed meter, always make sure that you keep your payment card topped up to ensure you stay warm through the colder months. If you’ve forgotten to add money to your card or your balance has hit zero, watch this helpful video from one of our partners, Liberty, on how to get your boiler up and running again:

Your condensate pipe is the pipe that runs out of the wall from the boiler and into the drain. When the weather outside is extremely cold, it is common for your condensate pipe to freeze, which could leave you with no heating or hot water. If your condensate pipe is at ground level, watch this helpful video to see how to safely defrost it:

You want to make sure that in winter your radiators are performing at their best. If your radiators have cold spots, they may need bleeding. Radiators need bleeding when pockets of air get trapped inside, causing the radiator to circulate hot water less effectively.

Did you know that when a radiator is on, it directs heat through the wall first instead of into a room? You can purchase radiator reflectors from your local hardware store that help direct heat back into the space, helping to reduce your energy bills and warm up your room quicker. Also make sure the radiators are not covered by curtains or furniture though, as these will block the heat.

We know it’s tempting to set your heating to a high temperature when you get home to a chilly house, but this can be expensive. Set your heating to 18–21°C and put your heating on a timer to come on earlier and go off later. This will keep your bills low and your house toasty warm!

Draughts can come from some unexpected places and are one of the quickest ways to lose heat from your home. Windows, doors, letterboxes and even doggy doors can let in the cold air. Use draught excluders to combat the cold air to ensure you stay warm this season.

If there is a rare day that the sun shines in winter; open your curtains and let the sun heat up your rooms. Make sure to draw the curtains when it starts going dark, they will trap heat inside your home and help keep it warmer for longer.

If you need any help or support this winter then there are a variety of ways to contact us, just click here to find out the best way for you.