Inside Housing – resident safety competition winners

We are pleased to announce that we have won the Inside Housing – resident safety competition for the sprinkler installation project.

After the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, we knew it was imperative we acted quickly to ensure that tenants, housed particularly in high-rise blocks, remained safe and secure in their homes.

After listening to tenants concerns, we took the lead on fire safety and was amongst the first to respond to the fears by installing sprinklers to all 17 high-rise blocks and replacing dangerous cladding on 11 affected blocks.

Throughout the installation, tenants told us that they felt safer in their homes. 97% now say they feel safe or very safe since their sprinkler systems are in place.

One tenant, Peter Memory, said: “In the event of a fire we know we’re going to stand a really good chance of coming out of it. To me and my wife we really do feel a lot safer.”

We have also helped effect change in the sector, sharing best practice so others can replicate our approach; with 40 landlords attending a study tour of one of our high-rise blocks and 90% of attendees leaving the event with a high level of understanding the benefits of sprinklers.