Helping your finances stay healthy

Financial concerns can take a toll on your health and wellbeing. Worrying about money can have a negative impact on you and your loved ones, and can leave you feeling unsettled and anxious.

We want to make sure you’re stable, both in your home and with your finances. We’ve pulled together a list of tips and tricks on how you can manage your money and how you may be able to save a few pennies too!

If you’re looking for some advice, don’t forget to check out our ‘managing money’ webpage, which has all the latest Government advice on benefits, employment and finances.


We all struggle with budgeting and may be guilty of splashing the cash on items that aren’t necessary.

A great way to manage your money is to set a budget and to really stick to it. Make a list of all of your monthly bills, and a realistic amount you spend on household items like food, and use that information to create one big budget.

Remember to keep your budget in mind when you’re shopping, or are tempted to buy yourself a treat! Sticking to your price points may feel like a big struggle, but you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run!

Save as you go

Did you know that there are many bank accounts that allow you to make money when you spend money?

Try switching to an account that gives you money back when you spend on certain items, like energy bills or Council Tax. Some bank accounts also allow you to save while you spend, by rounding up the price of your transaction and popping the extra few pennies into a savings pot!

Shopping around

We all use gas and electricity on a daily basis, but there’s a chance you may be paying too much for your supply.

A great way to save a few extra pounds a month is to compare energy prices, and switch to a cheaper tariff if you find one. The best place to bag a bargain is on a comparison website, like Compare the Market or Go Compare, and you’ll only need to provide a few details to find a deal!

If you do want to switch energy providers, it’s important you are up to date on your payments. If you’ve fallen behind, you will end up with a large final bill when you switch.

Taking advantage of discount prices doesn’t just apply to your gas and electric bills, you can find some bargains when you’re food shopping too!

If possible, try to shop at some of the cheaper supermarkets, like Aldi or Lidl, and take advantage of any deals the supermarkets have on offer.

Use loyalty cards

Many of the big supermarkets and shops reward customers by allowing them to store points on a loyalty card every time they buy something.

Eventually, the points you’ve saved during your regular shopping trips can be exchanged for money off, lower priced items or even discounts on days out!

Although you may need a little bit of patience while the points roll in, taking advantage of your supermarket loyalty scheme is an easy way for you to save money while you spend money.

We’re here to help

We are always here to support you. If you need advice on applying for benefits, accessing training courses, advice on energy bills and more, please reach out to us.

If you are concerned about your finances, and need advice on how to manage your money, get in contact with us today.