Hearing from apprentices themselves about why apprenticeships are a great path-way in order to build a future that works for them!

According to the government’s Apprenticeships 2020 vision, apprentices that completed a higher apprenticeship, could earn up to an average of £150,000 more than someone who hadn’t completed an apprenticeship over their lifetime!

We’re all about creating opportunities for people in the communities we work within, so that we can work towards our aim of improving lives. Statistics published in 2016 by the Department of Education showed that the North West has (by a significant amount), the highest number of apprenticeship starts of all the regions, and we’re so proud to be able to continue to contribute to this positive statistic.

Anyone can complete an apprenticeship, not just those leaving school, and we love to hear feedback from those who have completed apprenticeships with us so we can learn more about what makes an apprenticeship so valuable from apprentices themselves.

We spoke to some of our previous apprentices who had lots of positive things to say about their journey so far with us….

“When I first started, I knew the opportunity had lots of potential. I was excited by the chance to work with a multifaceted company that would give me choices, career paths and on the job training. I have a position with responsibilities that I find rewarding, and enough variety to keep things interesting.

“There remains plenty of options for additional responsibilities, sideways movement or upward movement in the future. There is a large array of training options and the environment is nurturing and the management is transparent, making this a very comfortable place to work.”

“Opting for an Apprenticeship instead of university was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. To me, an apprenticeship wasn’t for people that were on my path, they were for more practical jobs like plumbing or electricians. I was offered a chance at an office-based apprenticeship in, it was guaranteed to not only build my skills for the role but also general skills for handling the workplace for the first time.

“The learning has never stopped, each day I can feel my skills develop and improve thanks to the practical experience my apprenticeship gave to me, I’m so proud of the progression in my career and in myself, all of which wouldn’t have been possibly if I hadn’t done my apprenticeship.”

In the past we have seen lots of apprentices that started with us go on to have incredible careers, including Sarah McDermott who has achieved so much in the 10 years since she started. Check out Sarah’s full story here.