Exploring the benefits to providing apprenticeship opportunities, not just for the apprentice but for the employer too!

According to the government’s Apprenticeships 2020 vision, 70% of surveyed employers said apprenticeships improved their product quality and service, and that the cost of apprenticeship training pays for itself within a couple of years of completion due to an overall increase in productivity.

Let’s see what our colleagues had to say about how they think apprentices help to build on the success of the group!

“Apprenticeships have provided a multitude of benefits to the organisation. The most obvious being having a more skilled workforce with an increased knowledge base which allows them to excel within their role.

“And it’s not just the knowledge gained. One of the most under-appreciated benefits apprenticeships offer is that they not only give you the knowledge but also the behavioural skills you need as well. When staff have these more tailored skillsets and knowledge it not only has benefits to productivity but also improves the services we provide to our communities which in turn allows us to improve more lives.”

“By bringing in new talent or investing in existing staff mid-career, we can unlock the potential of our current workforce, creating higher level skills, higher performance and increased agility. This mix of competencies and capabilities is what strengthens organisational resilience. Ultimately apprenticeships are an investment not only in people’s futures but the future of our organisation as a whole!”

“Having the ability to offer opportunities to people from local areas can gain us a greater insight into the needs and challenges of the people whose lives we aim to improve which then allows us to be more effective in the long term at enriching our communities.

“We pride ourselves on keeping our finger on the fast paced and changing pulse of the housing sector. This means that our apprentices can benefit from the experience of their mentors as well as their up to date knowledge. When added to our culture of encouraging people to challenge norms and create new ideas, we believe this can only lead to positive outcomes and allows us to thrive.”

We are hoping to welcome more apprentices into our team over the next year. In the mean time, if you are interested in starting an apprenticeship, The Prince’s Trust have a handy guide on everything you need to know about getting started with an apprenticeships, so visit their website here.