Doing our bit to cut carbon emissions

We all need to play a part in tackling climate change. Helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and supporting the Government target of net zero for the UK economy by 2050 is an important step towards a safer and greener planet.

We’re committed to doing our bit to help you live safe, happy and healthy lives. Alongside Liberty, we’ve joined forces with NetZero Collective!

Set up by Liberty, NetZero Collective is a growing group of property services businesses, manufacturers and building owners who are working with the University of Southampton and NquiringMinds to try and find answers to the challenges we all face.

We’ve already started by helping Liberty gain insight into the current carbon impact of ForHousing’s properties and the challenges we, and the wider social housing sector, face in relation to decarbonization.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be putting forward 20 ForHousing homes to be a part of the NetZero Collective project this year!

Liberty will support the NetZero Collective by using its experience and expertise of providing property and regeneration services to the social housing sector. Their nationwide operational and procurement abilities will help to provide the skills and knowledge need for the project to be a success.

As set out in our Corporate Plan, we’re dedicated to making a real difference to yours, and your communities health and wellbeing.

We plan to invest in more energy efficient homes, whilst reducing the waste and carbon emissions from the day to day things we do.

On Wednesday 2nd September, the project officially launched. Each of the 20 ForHousing homes, along with 80 homes from other landlords, will be fitted with energy monitoring equipment.

The University of Southampton and NquiringMinds will then use the data gathered to recommend what type of new energy saving technology we should install in each home to help eliminate or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The work to install these smart solutions will begin in summer 2021 and will be completed by Liberty’s projects division.

It’s important that we do all we can to eliminate fuel poverty. We want to make sure that you can heat or cool your home without breaking the bank – so any new green additions will be designed with your energy bills in mind.

We’ll be monitoring energy usage for at least 12 months after the works have been completed, to make sure the solutions installed have a positive and lasting effect on carbon emissions, and don’t increase your energy bills.

The research by NetZero Collective will help us to develop a person-centered approach for any future roll-out of renewable heating technology.

You can find out more about NetZero Collective by following on Twitter @NetZeroCollect or visiting