Damp and condensation repair service improvements

We’re very excited to be launching ForHousing’s improved damp and condensation repair service today.

The new process has been co-designed over the past three months by a dedicated task force, tenants, partners, and staff across ForHousing.

We consulted with hundreds of tenants and community members and listened to their feedback to make big changes to how we handle damp and condensation related repairs.

We’d like to thank you for getting involved on this journey and helping us to do better – we couldn’t do it without your support!

So, what have we changed?

• All ForHousing staff will be trained on how to “diagnose” your repair and advise you on the next steps – you’ll be able to report an issue to any member of staff, not just the service centre, without being passed to someone else

• All staff will have access to any recent repairs history so they can see the bigger picture, e.g., how often you’ve reported a repair and if you have any others in progress.

• It doesn’t matter if you report via the website, or on a call, you’ll be asked the same questions, so you get the right service every time

• We’ll arrange an inspection for all reported cases of damp and will carry these out within 10 days of being reported, but aim to be with you sooner

• We’ll aim to complete 90% of all damp repairs within 40 days, allowing space for those longer-term solutions

• Operatives will update the outcome of every visit in real time, so both you, and your neighbourhood officer, have the most up to date information

• We’ll take your individual circumstances into account before offering a solution, as there is no “one size fits all” approach

• You’ll have the opportunity to let us know if your repair isn’t fixed before a job is closed and we’ll follow up with you in 3 months’ time to check that everything is still ok

• We’ll consider all repairs history and individual needs when suggesting a solution

• We’ll be upgrading our digital software so you can track your repair from start to finish, and to allow real-time updates for you and your neighbourhood officer