Be Proud winners part 2!

Winners of the Young People award…

Elliot Greco - Elliot was nominated because he is a key member of the community ambassadors programme, supporting younger people in a mentor role, applying for funding and promoting the programme.

Billy Wilcock - Billy was nominated by Charlene as he is a young leader and volunteer who has offered his time to support local projects during COVID, including packing bags at the food club, community singalongs, and communicating w/elderly residents to break down the intergenerational barriers.

Winners of the Working with Young People award…

Maria Regan and Pam Richards - Maria and Pam were nominated by Sharon, Carol, Annie and Steph because their commitment to the community is ‘endless’ and they have both worked hard to help deliver play packs and meal kits to families in need. Together they managed to pull together 100 hampers for families in just one day!

Gemma Openshaw - Gemma was nominated by Nicola because she has helped organise and coordinate play street packs for families in the area, and ran a locally run coat drop for families in need this winter.

Winners of the Fred Jones award for supporting older people…

Dorothy Cawley - Dorothy was nominated by Tom and Natalie because she is an active member of Brookhouse Residents Group, and even though she is elderly herself, she is extremely involved in supporting other people in the community reducing loneliness and self-isolation.

Lisa Clark - Lisa was nominated by Glenis because she has been going to the shops every day to help disabled and elderly residents for any items they need.

Winners of the Creative Genius award…

Sandra Bold - Sandra was nominated by Annie as she, (alongside Steph who won our Biggest Heart award earlier this week) coordinated a team to create PPE equipment when people were most in need. It went to Whiston Hospital, care homes and key workers when there was a shortage of supply.

Celia Lord - Celia was nominated by Amy because she has found new ways of doing social activities to reduce isolation within schemes, and looks out for anyone who needs extra support.

Winners of the Steve Sheridan award for volunteering and making a difference…

Steve Rotheram - John was nominated by Kirsty because he has been volunteering in his community since January and puts his all into every task. He’s come a long way since he first began and has seen a big improvement in his own mental health.

Dan Spelman - Dan was nominated by Hywel because he has run the community radio station completely unpaid, helping other volunteers and has allowed a non-profit community group to thrive and change lives.

Neil Meuse - Neil was nominated by Charlene because he has been a great community champion and volunteers a lot in his spare time outside of his job in Salvation Army. He is caring, sincere, and genuinely wants the best for his community where he proudly lives.

Dane Hughes - Dane was nominated by Craig for all the work he’s done with the homeless, making sure they were fed and warm during the lockdown.

Winner of the Maureen Clunan award for setting up a new business during lockdown…

The Stock CIC - The group was nominated by Rebecca as it was set up in response to COVID, delivering care packages to families with children who couldn’t afford necessities.

Congratulations to everyone who received an award, we’re so proud of everything you have achieved in helping to make your community thrive.