Smoke alarms

All smoke alarms are checked every 12 months and this is normally carried out with the annual gas servicing. There is a programme in place for checking smoke alarms for properties that do not have gas.

If your property does not have gas and you want to find out when your smoke alarm will be checked, please contact us on 0300 123 55 22.

Looking after your smoke alarm:

• Test your smoke alarm by pressing the test button until the alarm sounds. Why not make this part of your household routine and do it at least once a week?

• Never disconnect your smoke alarm or take the batteries out, it's important that your smoke alarm is active at all times.

• If your mains powered smoke alarm does not sound when you test it or it bleeps constantly, or if there is any other fault, please contact us through the 'Report it' tab on the right hand side of this page.