Seasonal tips and advice

We have a number of tips to share with you to help you stay safe and comfortable including advice on personal, gas and fire safety.

Cold weather can affect your home. The most common problems can be loss of water supply or heating, leaking toilets and sinks not draining - this is often because of frozen pipes. This should rectify itself as the weather warms slightly however you can speed this process up yourself.

If you know where your stop tap is, empty the cupboard that the tap is in and try to get some warm air circulating around the pipe. You could try blowing warm air on the pipe using a hairdryer or situate a small heater in front of the cupboard. After a few minutes you should find that the water starts to defrost. Don't leave any heated appliance unattended during this process.

Often the condensate pipe on your boiler freezes - this is the pipe from your boiler which leads to an outside drain.

How do I thaw the frozen (condensate) pipe from my boiler?

  • Use hot water – not boiling – heated by a kettle or a microwave and pour over the end of the pipe where it is frozen using a suitable container like a watering can
  • Hold a hot water bottle or heat wrap around the condensate pipe
  • Once the pipe has thawed you should re-set your boiler by holding in the re-set button for 10 seconds and wait for the boiler to re-fire

Before reporting a toilet or sink that isn't draining properly try pouring some hot water down as this may defrost any frozen water in the pipes

Leaving your heating on a low setting throughout the night will help to stop any pipes freezing.

We know some times of the year are tighter than others when it comes to Money. Illegal money lenders are known to prey on people in financial difficulties. Our Money Advisors are available to offer help and advice if you, or someone you know, is experiencing financial difficulties. You can also find information and advice about doorstep crimes such as bogus callers from the police.