Easy way to report a repair

Reporting a repair is easy using our Repairs Reporter tool. Track a repair with MyAccount+

Repairs and maintenance service

For specific details of the repairs service, including repair categories and timescales, please choose your repairs service from the buttons above.

You can request a repair in the following ways:


The quickest and easiest way to report a repair is online using our Repairs Reporter - a step-by-step tool to help make sure you request the correct repair. We’ll respond to you within one working day to arrange an appointment date and time to suit you. Please see below if your repair is of an urgent nature.

Emergency repairs

To report an emergency repair use our webchat feature to get an instant response. Outside of office hours always call 0300 123 55 22 and you will automatically be connected to our out of hours service.

Text message

You can also text the Service Centre directly. Send your message to 67200 with your enquiry details and your address.


Call 0300 123 55 22. You can also visit your local area office to use the computers or the freephone in reception.