Rent and money matters

If you are struggling to pay your rent, we understand how stressful this is for you and we want to support you as best we can.

Our priority is to support you. Our team can work with you to understand the issues you are facing.

Some of the support we can help you with is

  • Help with personal budgeting by understanding your income and outgoings and working out a budget plan that meets your needs
  • Discussing an affordable payment plan so you can reduce your arrears
  • Making sure you are receiving the correct welfare benefits
  • Helping with queries around Universal Credit or Housing Benefit and managing your online account
  • Referring you to support agencies who deal with reducing debt
  • Helping you to get food and essential household items
  • Making sure you have access to the cheapest energy deals
  • Referring you to agencies that can help with any other support needs that you may have around your health and wellbeing

Please get in touch by emailing us at or ring on 0300 123 5522.

We want to understand any difficulties you have and work with you to sort these out together.

Affordable credit

If you need to borrow money but are finding it difficult to get credit from high street banks then there are other options available to you.

Loans, overdrafts, credit cards, store cards, catalogues and buying items on credit, are all forms of borrowing money and they will cost you different amounts.

To work this out you need to know what your personal budget is and how much the loan repayments are each week.

Moneyline offers small, unsecured loans, often lending to people who struggle to borrow from banks, or who pay too much for their money with higher-cost lenders.

This can help pay for:

  • furniture or household items, for example, washing machines or other white goods
  • clothes or footwear
  • rent in advance
  • costs linked to moving house
  • maintenance, improvements or security for your home
  • travelling costs within the UK
  • costs linked to getting a new job
  • maternity costs
  • funeral costs
  • repaying hire purchase loans
  • repaying loans taken for the above item

You’re only eligible for a budgeting loan if you’ve been on certain benefits for six months.

Credit unions are an alternative to borrowing from, or saving with national banks. They’re owned and controlled by their members and offer a range of services including loans and savings accounts.

Many credit unions are willing to offer loans to members even when they have been turned down by banks. Find your local credit union by clicking here

Loan sharks tend to lend money with no paperwork and high interest rates so you can never pay back the money and will always be in their debt. Remember you are not breaking the law by borrowing from loan sharks but they are breaking the law by lending money through this way.

These loans are not enforceable without a court order which is why loan sharks often threaten and use intimidation to get you to pay. If you spot a loan shark or you’ve borrowed money from one you can report them anonymously to the England Illegal Money Lending team:

Telephone: 0300 555 2222 (24-hour service)
Text a report to 07860 022 116