World Poverty Day 2020

Posted: 18/10/2020

We’re on a mission to create real, meaningful change in the communities we work with. That’s why we’re proud to be supporting World Poverty Day 2020.

Poverty can show up in a lot of different ways; from not having the same job opportunities or access to credit, to earning a lower income and having less vital necessities like food, clothing and a safe place to live.

It’s an important issue that affects so many people, with 14 million individuals across the UK currently living in poverty. In the North West alone, that is an estimated 18.5% of children. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world this is a shocking statistic.

How are we working to tackle the problem in communities?

In Salford, Oldham and Knowsley, we delivered a range of school holiday activities for 802 children including physical activity, arts and crafts and we also ensured that every child received a free lunch to help address holiday hunger. One parent said: “We are on a small budget and barely make it to the next pay day with our shopping so feeding my children is much appreciated.”

In Oldham, working in partnership with FareShare and Family Action, we organised a food club which aimed to supply people at risk of becoming homeless with a regular source of nutritious food. After paying a £1 yearly membership fee for the club, families were able to access food bags worth £15 for just £3.50!

In Knowsley & Salford last year, the Tenancy Sustainment team helped around 330 people who were at risk at becoming homeless to sustain their tenancies, so that they could stay off the streets. Making sure everyone has a roof over their heads in one of the first hurdles in ending poverty.

In Cheshire West & Chester during the summer, staff volunteered 39.5 hours to support the delivery of holiday activities and food provision to families as well as 370 Children’s Books that were donated by the Book Trust.

Staff also volunteered 51.5 hours during September to support the delivery of food parcels to homes in the area of Westminster Community Centre. Eating healthily in having access to educational materials such as books is a vital stepping stone to keeping individuals out of poverty, and we are proud to have given tenants these important resources.

We’re dedicated to working with tenants, partners and colleagues to make a difference . These are only a few examples of how we have helped people get back on their feet when they have found themselves in times of need.

If you struggling in any way, there are lots of organisations out there that are there to help you and can offer a range of different support.


Positive Steps is a charitable trust that delivers a range of targeted and integrated services for young people, adults and families including support for those struggling with housing or money. To get in touch, call 0161 621 9400.

Real Change is a homelessness charity that covers essential costs that help people who are homeless or at risk in the Oldham area.


Mustard Tree is a homelessness charity that delivers a wide variety of services. To get in touch call 0161 505 0974

Emmaus Salford is a charity that supports people who have been homeless by providing them with a home and with meaningful work in a community setting. To get in touch call 0161 737 8279


Onward offer services to help people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, in Merseyside. To get in touch call 0300 555 0600.

SHAP’s Temporary Accommodation Scheme in Knowsley provides housing management, support, advice and assistance to single men and women, couples and families assessed as homeless or potentially homeless by Knowsley Council. To speak to someone, call 0800 694 0280

Cheshire West and Chester

Chester Aid to the Homeless (CATH) offers support, encouragement and a safety net for those in crisis. To speak to someone, call 01244 314 834

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