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Posted: 08/06/2020

As we adjust the way we work to offer you the best possible services during lockdown we are making some big changes to our MyAccount+ app.

You may have used MyAccount+ before to check on your account, contact us or pay your rent.

We’re introducing some new exciting, and useful, features that will save you time managing your tenancy, helping you get back to your day.

We always want you to be involved in shaping and improving our services so we can offer you the right solutions, in the right way.

If you are interested in developing and testing our new app and own a smartphone, laptop or tablet then why not get involved?

Your safety is important to us. We’ll be chatting and working with you over Zoom video calls, following Government guidelines.

Don’t worry if you haven’t used it before, we’ve pulled together a quick ‘how-to guide’ to support you in making the most out of the experience.

Please email us at myaccount+@forviva.co.uk with your name and what device you have, and we’ll be in touch.

We’re looking forward to working with you to create more innovative, helpful services that have a real impact on people’s lives.

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