Tall Tales

Posted: 11/11/2021

In 2022, Knowsley will be the Liverpool City Region Borough of Culture. The year-long programme of events and activities will celebrate everything about culture in Knowsley – from art and theatre to comedy, dance, food, sport and much more.

2022 is Knowsley’s year and it promises to be a special one and Stockbridge is not missing out.  You can find out and keep up to date with events here. 

Tall Tales, an exciting project that will form part of Knowsley Borough of Culture’s illuminating opening series of light-based events, stands to be one of the most spectacular events of the year, and it’s happening on your doorstep!

Story Collectors will be gathering stories from the community and passing them onto artists Illuminos who will put them together, creating an animation that celebrates Stockbridge and the people that live there.  This work of art will shout about Stockbridge from the rooftops, Merecliff’s to be precise, as it is projected over two nights on one of the sides of the high-rise. 

We would love all the community to be involved with this project & have the opportunity to share their stories. Your story could be anything! Your memories of the area, aspirations, any funny anecdotes, what makes it special etc! Unfortunately, not everything can be included, but everything will be passed on and hopefully there will be common themes that can be picked up.  

This is such an exciting event for Stockbridge, putting the area on the map for positive reasons, celebrating the brilliant community that it is. Make sure you have Friday 7th & Saturday 8th January in your diaries, as this will be the date of Tall Tales, when the projections and all the stories come together and are shown to the rest of the borough! 

How can I submit a story?

You can submit your story by: 

  • Submitting interviews, drawings, poetry, photographs, newspaper clippings
  • Calling 0787 280 7955 and leaving your story on the answer phone (with your name)
  • Emailing communities@forhousing.co.uk. You can also use https://wetransfer.com/ for any larger files
  • Come along to one of our Story Collector Sessions. To avoid disappointment, please email communities@forhousing.co.uk, call Annie MacLean on 07872 807 955, or email on Annie.MacLean@forhousing.co.uk

The following sessions will be taking place in your community:

  • Wednesday 17th November, 10-12pm - Craig Community Centre Little Moss Hey, Coffee Morning and Story Collecting session.
  • Friday 19th November, 2-5pm - Volair Sports Centre, The Withens, Story Collecting session.
  • Thursday 25th November, 10-12pm - Jackson Gardens, The Withens, Coffee Morning and Story Collecting session. 
  • Thursday 25th November, 1-3pm, Stockbridge Community Pavilion, 70 Pool Hey, look at Denecliff Garden and Story Collecting session. 

Please make sure to submit your stories by the end of November. If you would like to volunteer as a Story Collector or help out with the actual event please express your interest here.

More information? 

To keep up-to-date with all the exciting Borough of Culture events across 2022 you can visit www.cultureknowsley.gov.uk or and follow Culture Knowsley on social media: FacebookTwitter and Instagram

If you would like any more information about the project please email communities@forhousing.co.uk or call Stockbridge’s Community Development Officer, Annie on 0787 280 7955 or @AnnieForHousing on Facebook & Twitter. 




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