Seven eco-friendly changes that can save you money

Posted: 01/11/2021

When you’re getting started on your eco-friendly journey, it may feel like it costs a fortune, but that doesn’t have to be true!

Protecting the future is something that everyone can get involved with, no matter your budget. In fact, some easy changes cost nothing at all!

Here are some top tips to help the environment that don’t cost the earth:

Wash your clothes at 30 degrees.

Washing clothes at 30 degrees saves energy, reducing CO2 emissions. Your clothes come out just as clean AND it can save you money on your electricity bills.

When you need to replace your light bulbs, switch to LED.

A small upfront cost of buying new light bulbs will save you money in the long run. LED light bulbs are energy-saving, so help you keep your electricity bills low and protect the environment. Plus, they’re long-lasting so you don’t have to change them as often.

Buy pre-loved

Buying clothes from charity and vintage shops is cheaper and better for the environment. It’s lower impact and can be great when you need new clothes or household items like crockery or fabrics on a budget.

Use a reusable water bottle

Single-use plastic water bottles use more carbon dioxide to produce, and can never be fully recycled. It’s also cheaper to buy a reusable bottle once and fill it up with tap water.

Turn the TV off when you go to bed

All of us leave the TV on standby, it’s a natural reflex just to switch it off with the remote and takes a lot less effort than switching it off at the wall. But the average UK household spends £30 per year leaving devices on standby! So you can save money, and energy, by switching your TV and all your other devices off at the wall at night.

Bring your own bag

In UK shops, you now have to pay at least 10p for a plastic bag, which really adds up if you go to the shops more than once a week. A reusable shopping bag is better for the planet and saves you money as you can reuse it again and again. Why not keep one in your car, or near the front door so you remember it when you go to the shops.

Use a drying rack for your clothes

Tumble dryers use a lot of electricity, so are very expensive to run and regular use can impact the environment. A drying rack is a lot more affordable and dries your clothes overnight if you leave it in the warmest room in the house.

Hopefully, these eco-friendly tips have shown that you don’t have to spend lots of money to help the environment. They can also help to make your life easier and more convenient. For more eco-savvy tips, follow us on social media @ForHousing, or get involved using #FutureMattersUK

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